Swing Through the Ball Not At It: Golf Tips For More Distance

When watching the PGA Tour you see players like Bubba Watson hitting monster drives that seem impossible for us amateur golfers.  I personally am not a long ball hitter but have been recently working on adding a few extra yards to my game.  I have heard several people use the term, “Let the ball get in the way of your club.”  Having played sports my entire life, I understood the basic concept of what they were talking about, but I needed to know more.  So I talked with some golf pros I know about how to accomplish this idea and here is what they had to say about “hitting through the ball”. 


  • Don’t fixate on Impact
  • Hips, Hands, Club
  • Don’t Decelerate

Don’t Fixate on Impact:

Most amateurs, myself included are infatuated with being square at impact for that straight ball flight.  Of course this is key to getting your ball down the middle of the fairway, but many times we lose concentration on swinging through the ball and instead are swinging at the ball.  The impact is just one part of the swing and will naturally happen if you are on the proper swing path. Like the old saying, “Let the ball get in the way.”

Coil and Release golf swing
BP Brand Ambassador Fiamma Felitch

Hips, Hands and Club:

Once you have made your backswing and are about to start the downswing it’s important to remember “Hips, Hands then Club”.  Imagine your body winding up in a coil like motion, ready to unleash and spring forward.  Your hips release first, then your hands and then the club.  If done properly, the energy created by that coil motion will be pushed out to the tip of the club, which will be most powerful just prior to impact.  Think of it like a whip. (See above photo)

Swing Finish
Fiamma Felitch finishing high

Don’t Decelerate:

Moral of the story here is to keep the momentum going all the way through impact.  Take a look at your swing and if you aren’t finishing high, then you probably are decelerating (not good).  A slow low finish will definitely kill any momentum you had created with your backswing.


The basic idea is to keep the momentum of your swing going through the ball and not at the ball.  If you coil up and release properly, with your hips first, then hands and then club, you will create an enormous amount of energy, which will transfer to your golf ball and therefore more distance.

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What secrets do you use to help get more distance?  Leave your comments below.


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