Ping G30 Irons Review: Launch It Higher and Farther

I still remember getting my first set of golf clubs: the Ping Eye 2s. They were handed down to me by my dad, but I still had many good years developing and improving my golf game with those Pings. I moved on to another brand of irons after many years of use but was excited to learn that I’d be reunited with Ping irons when I received their newest set for review: the G30s.

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I used the Eye2s to improve my game many years ago, so I was eager to see how far Ping had come with their newest game improvement irons.


CTP (Custom Tuning Port), Elastomer Badge – “Situated low in the sole, the CTP structure helps lower the CG to ensure high launch with forgiveness, and it supports a thin face to provide distance control and a solid feel. The soft elastomer badge enhances feel and sound in the perimeter-weighted design.”


Fast, Forgiving Head – “The thin, 17-4 stainless steel face maximizes deflection for faster ball speeds and is backed by a CTP cavity that optimizes the CG and elevates MOI. The cavity is undercut to save weight and allow for a low-back CG to improve launch conditions and increase forgiveness.”


Improved Turf Interaction – “A softer lead-edge radius and precisely calculated additions to the bounce profile ensure a smooth transition through the grass with a stable head, which adds to forgiveness, especially on off-center strikes. This versatile sole design is engineered to perform well with any angle of attack.”



Progressive Offset – Progressive offset generates higher ball flights in the longer irons and penetrating, controlled trajectories with the scoring clubs. Slightly longer blade lengths increase forgiveness, most noticeably in the 4 through 7 iron.



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The first thing I noticed with the Ping G30 irons was the finish. The irons have a matte grey/charcoal finish, which was a nice change from the usual chrome finish on many of the other iron sets out there.

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The other aspect of the clubs that immediately popped out at me was the width of the soles on the irons, which were much wider than any other clubs I’ve ever played. At first, I thought it looked a little too thick and heavy, but once I started hitting shots, all my doubts about the appearance went out the window. Who cares how clubs look when they’re performing way beyond your expectations?? Spoiler alert: I liked these clubs!



At address, the club looked a little bulkier and bigger than I was used to, but the overall look was easy to get adjusted to. The wide soles don’t stick out at address for most of the clubs (with the exception of the 4-5 irons). In addition, there is a progressive offset as you go from the wedges to the long irons, which helps with higher ball flight.

Also, the number or letter of the club is engraved on the face so you can make sure you’re hitting the club you intended to. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve never grabbed a 6 iron when I meant to grab a 9 iron.


While the Ping G30 irons looked a little bulkier and bigger than my regular irons, I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t as heavy as I expected.

One aspect of these irons that stood out was the feel at impact. The perfect strikes that hit the center of the club face felt like hitting nothing at all. I just looked up and saw the ball exploding into the sky. One of my favorite feelings in the world. Even more notable was the feel of the mishits. Anytime I mishit the ball on the toe, heel, or low on the clubface, I never felt that dreaded harsh vibration in my hands.

PING g30 iron face2

Lastly, with each and every strike on the range, I really liked the sound of the Pings G30s. The sound was very deep and somewhat dull but it still provided that comforting “thwack” at contact.


The Ping G30s are advertised as game improvement irons that will help a golfer’s distance, forgiveness, and launch. I eagerly took these clubs to the range and course to see how they perform in all three areas.

As with any new set of irons, I pulled out the trusty 7-iron to start my testing, which I usually hit around 165-170 yards. With the G30 7-iron, I was hitting it 170-175 pretty consistently right from the start. Although the distance wasn’t that much greater, one thing that really jumped out was the ball flight. It wasn’t a ballooning ball flight but more of a piercing higher trajectory. The fact that I was getting a few more yards while hitting it so high was very impressive.

The 7-iron is my most comfortable club so I moved down to the longer 5 iron to see if the increased distance and higher launch would hold true. My 5-iron is my 185-190 yard club, but once again, I got a slight increase in distance with the Ping G30 iron.

In addition, it was again much easier to get the ball higher in the air with this club. As mentioned above in the Looks section, this was due to the noticeable offset with these longer irons, which really helped generate the higher ball flight, just as advertised. This higher ball flight will really help any golfer land the ball softer on the greens from farther out.


While the increased distance and higher ball flight were both great pluses, the most impressive feature of the Ping G30s was the forgiveness. There was not much distance lost on most of my mishits, especially off the toe side.

Specifically, during a review round, on a 170 yard par 3, I posed with one of those dramatic one arm finishes after I knew I mishit my ball off the toe. To my surprise, the ball still had decent trajectory and made it to the front edge of the green. I could do nothing but smile sheepishly while my friends just shook their heads.

The Ping G30s also reacted well to those chunky or heavy shots thanks to those wider soles. The rounded edges on the sole help get through the turf to prevent those chunky shots. It’s always good to know that your ball’s still going somewhere even when you see a huge unwanted divot 2 inches behind your ball.


I can see why people consider these some of the best game improvement irons on the market as Ping has really improved the technology on the G30s. These clubs will really help those golfers who are looking to pick up a few extra yards without losing any forgiveness. In addition, these clubs make it easy to get the ball higher in the air, which will help anyone attack those pins knowing the ball will be landing softer, especially with those longer irons. Overall, I’d definitely recommend these irons to any golfer out there.

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