20 Unwritten Rules of Golf Every Player Should Know

As if learning how to swing a golf club wasn’t hard enough, learning how to play the game by the Rules of Golf can be a lofty task for beginners. But what about those “unwritten” rules that are inherent in almost any sport?


Did you know it’s bad etiquette to walk in the line of someone’s putt or lay on the line for that matter? How about talking in the backswing of your playing partner? For new golfers, breaking one of these undocumented rules can be extremely embarrassing.

Here are 20 of our favorite unwritten rules of golf, in no particular order. As always, be sure to add your unwritten rules in the comment section below!



throwing clubs

Everybody gets angry or frustrated on the course. Sometimes you might even get enraged. This doesn’t give you an excuse to act like a gorilla and start throwing your clubs all over the place. Not only could you hurt another player, but you look like a Grade-A moron.

The best thing you could do is take the high road. Besides, golf courses have the right to kick you out if seen throwing clubs. Take some deep breaths, swallow your pride and take your triple bogey like a man.

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