Did Tiger Woods Find a New Swing Coach in an Old Friend?

Instead of looking outside of his circle, Tiger Woods looked inside and found himself a couple of good coaches. The first coach was recommended in the media by Tiger’s former swing coach, Hank Haney, and has an impressive resume with multiple majors and some experience in high pressure situations.

As for my coaching situation, there is no hard-and-set rule on this. I may just do it on my own. I’m keeping my options very, very open. – Tiger Woods, September 2014

Introducing – Tiger Woods y’all! That’s right, Tiger Woods knows his body better than any one and honestly, he’s probably the only person in the world that can possibly deal with the kind of pressure Tiger is putting on himself. Okay. I’m confused now, but Tiger will figure it out.

To make sure Tiger doesn’t go too crazy, Tiger also hinted that he will be “bouncing” some ideas off long time friend, former Stanford teammate and current Golf Channel analyst, Notah Begay III. Begay will be able to provide the honesty and sound board Tiger is going to need to get his head and game right if he is ever going to win his 15th major.

Another great thing is that Begay isn’t going to be criticized for any of Tiger’s swing changes as that is going to be on Tiger. This definitely smells like the right decision by Tiger and with the low expectations golf fans seem to have on Tiger right now, it might be the perfect opportunity to start turning things around.

Here’s a sample of Notah analyzing Tiger’s putting stroke just a year ago:

h/t: SB Nation

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