Miura Golf Introduces Limited Edition 1957 Cavity Back Irons

Miura Golf is a name that most golfers associate with excellence and there is good reason for that.  Miura Golf makes some of the best looking/performing golf clubs known to the golfing world and have been doing so for many years.   The new Limited Edition Series 1957 Cavity Back Irons fall right in line with Miura’s commitment to excellence.

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The CB57 Irons have a narrow top line that is extremely clean just like many of the other Miura golf clubs of years past.  The CB57 Irons overall size of the head is a bit smaller than the Miura CB-501 Irons for those needing a comparison.  The CB57 head features a medium-sized cavity and a progressively sized weight bar to provide the benefits of perimeter weighting and solidity behind the hitting area.  You can also see from the photos that the CB57 is a forged iron.  So let’s see what else is going on with the Limited Edition CB57 Irons.

Miura Limited Edition 1957 Cavity Back irons

Press Release:

Miura Golf, the Japanese maker of the world’s finest forged irons, has added another limited edition model to its successful line of premium golf clubs. The new Limited Edition Series 1957 Cavity Back will be available at selected Miura authorized dealer/fitters around the world this month and at all Miura dealer/fitters shortly after as supplies allow.

“The CB57 design was percolating in the minds of the Miura family for some time,” said Adam Barr, president of Miura Golf. “We were anxious for it to be ready, but it has a lot of technology in that beautiful forged package. So the Miuras wanted to make sure it was absolutely right before we released it. Now, we feel confident we can meet demand in a limited edition.”

The Series 1957 line of Miura clubs, which includes the famous Small (or “Baby”) Blade and the K-Grind wedges, is a special class of Miura distinction, reserved for the most favored designs of the company. While all Miura clubs are of the highest quality, those bearing the Series 1957 crest are considered benchmarks in the history of the company and the career of founder Katsuhiro Miura. He began his career in golf club building and design in 1957 at the age of 16, as an apprentice in central Japan.

The CB57 head features a medium-sized cavity and a progressively sized weight bar to provide the benefits of perimeter weighting and solidity behind the hitting area. Still, the cavity is not so big as to interfere with the forged look and feel, especially from the address position. The weight bar keeps the center of gravity low, and changes size club-to-club as needed to position the CG not just down, but exactly where it needs to be.

The clean, narrow top line is Miura all the way. The sole of the club incorporates the decades of lessons Miura has learned from watching and talking to golfers, resulting in efficient, powerful turf interaction and the best chance of a square face at impact. The overall size of the head is a bit smaller than Miura’s successful CB-501 cavity back iron.

The CB57 will be available in limited quantities at first, like other clubs in the Series 1957 line. Suggested retail per fitted & built club will be $275, perhaps higher if certain shafts are used.

About Miura Golf

Miura’s broad forged iron line has choices for all players, including the Tournament Blade and Small Blades (muscleback models), MB001 Blade and the Passing Point 9003, CB-501 (cavity backs). Forged wedges include the Wedge Series (in silver nickel chrome and black) and the Series 1957 By Miura Custom Grind Wedges. There are also three models of putters, and the SIT-460 driver and fairway woods, plus Miura MG Hybrids.

Miura golfers buy more than clubs. All Miura clubs are custom fitted by authorized Miura dealer/fitters with each individual golfer getting not only properly fitted clubs, but a partner in his or her game. Miura dealers are famous for service after the sale and continuing relationships with players they fit, from informal discussions about equipment, practice, and technique to hands-on monitoring of loft, lie, weight and all the crucial golf club metrics. Miura golfers don’t just play Miuras – they entrust their games to the clubs, and to the company. It’s an honor and an obligation Miura never forgets.

Miura Golf Inc. markets Miura brand products exclusively around the world (except for Japan) from its headquarters in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. For more information, Miura Golf. Follow Miura on Facebook and on Twitter.

Written by BP Staff

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