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One of the most important factors affecting how well you strike the ball is how well you can control the face of the club throughout your swing. Your grips are the first point of contact connecting you to the ball at impact. This is why the grips you use are so important.

With so many grips on the market, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right grip for you. The guys at Champ sent us a couple options which could possibly be what you have been looking for. So, lets take a look and answer some of the questions you may have.

First of all, Champ is one of those companies which may not be the talk on tour, but they definitely have a long track record of providing people with all sorts of golf equipment. Any company operating for 50+ years is doing things right. As far as grips are concerned, there generally are two main types of grips. Those that are made for performance and those which are made for comfort. I took Champ’s C6 grip (performance) and C4 (comfort) grip for a spin over the last few weeks to find out what they are all about.  Let’s take a closer look.

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C6 Grips:

The C6 grips are available in various colors to fit your personality. These grips are bold and easily the classiest looking grip in the market. This is the grip built for performance, but If you’re the type of golfer who is not afraid of wearing wingtips on the course you will find this grip extremely attractive. Although, the C6 grip has those classic lines, you get a glimpse of the chord that let’s you know these are the real deal and meant to be played. If you’re a serious player you will be pleased at the maturity these grips express.

Champ C6 Grips
Champ C6 Grips

C4 Grips:

On the other hand, the C4 grips, which are also available in a few colors, look more purpose built with lines that scream ergonomics. Made for comfort, the C4 gives you a sense of confidence because it practically teaches you how to place your hands on the grip. It has very positive texturing that helps with sustaining a firm hold through your swing. Overall, the C4 is much more simple and looks more practical, but if you want to feel extra confidence of having the best looking grips out there, gravitate towards the C6.

Champ C4 Grip
Champ C4 Grip



C6 Grips:

The C6 grip features a compound that feels smooth and very firm. Some players prefer a slick grip, so this is a good fit. Nonetheless, it is still a bit tacky to avoid slipping. The back end of the grip is also firm, it features a texture chord core that is aggressive, but wont intimidate you to use in long practice sessions. This is a grip that best fits the purist player who enjoys a firm grip.

C4 Grips:

The C4, although not as sophisticated, feels a little more civilized. It is definitely a lot softer and a bit gel like. It feature positive texturing that feels great in the hands. Perhaps it’s not the softest grip out there, but it surprisingly would give any competition a good run for their money.

Softer grips help in promoting proper grip pressure. So, if you’re looking for a grip that will help you improve in some way, the C4 is a pretty good option. The grip feels to be a decent quality compound. Although it felt a bit flimsy during installation, which was a concern, the compound is very elastic and looks pretty durable.


C6 Grips:

The C6 grip features chord which is definitely a performance factor. Nothing feels more adequate when you need to rip a 190 yard – 7 iron than having that locked feeling of chord. This grip performed very well with full shots. It holds up well under humid conditions or sweaty hands. I would recommend this grip if your swing 100+ mph with your driver.

C4 Grips:

The C4 grip performed best with long pitch shots and less than full shots. The grip is comfortable enough that it help promote good tempo. Under full shots, the soft compound starts to feel less consistent, but it’s practically negligible. This grip is recommended for players who play with lighter grip pressure.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the amount of help in performance that these grips offer compared to any other grip out there is truly minimal. they do however give a player confidence through good looks, or having a pleasing feeling in the hands. If you’re a player who enjoys classy looks and quite frankly a bit of a purist, you will really love the C6. If you’re a player who is more easy going and you want something that looks practical and clean, but most of all feels good, then the C4 is a good option. While these may not be for everyone, they are definitely different enough to find the interest of players and trendsetters who are looking for something unique and special.

Written by BP Staff


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