Buzelli STA-1 Putter Review: Pride of Hard Work

In the past couple years it seems like there have been a lot of new start up companies in the golf industry.  Some have excelled while others have struggled and it’s always good to see new faces and products challenge the “big boys” of the golf industry.  I have had the opportunity to try a lot of these new products and in some cases, they performed better than many of the bigger companies and other cases, not so much.

Buzelli Golf is one of those newer companies to take the field.  Buzelli Golf’s main focus is making putters, however, they also make a putter grip and divot tool.  In this review, I will be focusing on the putter only, so let’s take a closer look.

Who is Buzelli Golf?

“From the first time I picked up a golf club, I knew I wanted to be in the golf industry.” – Ryan Buzelli 

Ryan Buzelli started rejuvenating classic golf clubs in 2009 by cleaning, re-shafting, re-gripping, media blasting, hand painting, and selling the classics.  After a few years, something in his brain clicked:

“Why am I spending my time with other manufacturers clubs? Why not make my own putter?” 

Following his dream, he took the steps towards making putters and divot tools and decided to back the putters with an industry leading warranty, make them in the USA, and stay small enough to maintain a personal relationship with his customers. Ryan Buzelli prides himself on hard work as he has a background as a flooring installer, recording engineer, musician, golfer, wine maker and a family man.


  • CNC Milled Carbon Steel Head (Soft Carbon Low Glare Black Chrome Finish)
  • Black True Tempter Stepped Shaft
  • 355 Grams
  • 70 Degree Lie
  • 3 Degree Loft
  • 32.5′-37″ Options
  • Right Handed Only (Left Coming Soon)

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The Buzzeli STA-1 Putter is a classic blade style putter that many have been accustomed to for years.  It has a clean look with it’s black chrome finish.  Because of the black chrome finish you definitely won’t be struggling with any glare standing over your putts.  It has a single white line on the top of the putter to help with alignment during your putts.   The bottom of the putter features a red, white a blue Buzelli design, which shows Ryan’s pride that it was built in the USA. No silly gimmicks with this putter as far as looks go.


If you have read any of my putter reviews in the past, you know I can’t stand a putter that isn’t weighted correctly.  I have hit blade style putters that felt like rocks, while others are so light they feel like a feather in your hand.  The weight of a putter is key for me when it comes to feel.  It’s crucial that I can feel what the putter is doing in my hands and from what I can see, Buzelli found the right combination when it comes to weight relative to looks.

The 355 grams of weight in the putter head allowed me to feel what I was doing with my putts, but at the same time get enough momentum for a solid strike. The club face is solid so you get a nice crisp strike on the ball with each stroke.

Buzelli STA-1 Putter Address Rear Green Level
Buzelli STA-1 Putter


If you take a look at the face of the Buzelli STA-1 putter, you can see the cross cut lines.  I have heard so many different names for this concept, so putting it simply, they are there to keep your ball from popping up off the face of the putter to create a consistent roll.  The Buzelli STA-1 putter cross cut lines work well, as I was able to roll putts consistently.

As I mentioned before, I liked the weighting on this club.  If a putter is too light, it is really difficult on those long lag putts to know how hard to hit the ball.  I did not have any issues with long lag putts with the Buzelli STA-1 putter as far as distance was concerned.

The only issue I had with this putter was it’s forgiveness on misses.  Yes, you can miss-hit your putter people.  I hit several putts off the toe and several off the heel, which is standard for when I’m testing a putter.  The heel hits were actually really good, but the toe hits really suffered.  So if you are going to mis-hit this putter, do it on the heel.


The Buzelli STA-1 putter is a solid putter with a great black chrome finish, good weighting and if struck well, can perform well.  The costs for most boutique club makers are usually tied into economies of scale, so if you can afford to take a chance on an upcoming brand, the Buzelli STA-1 putter comes in at $269.95.

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