Why should I buy a Driver for Golf?

Many people who don’t know anything about golf, or are new to the game, don’t really understand which club is which, and what each club is for. They’ve heard of putters and irons, but they don’t really know what they are, and have probably never even heard of fairway woods or hybrids. They may also have never heard of a driver, either.

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A driver is one of several kinds of clubs, called woods, that make up the family of golf clubs. Drivers are designed to get the ball the furthest when you are out on the golf green. Drivers are, therefore, all about power and range. As such, they work their best when the ball is actually set on the tee. You can use a driver to hit a ball which is on the turf, but it won’t be as easy as if it’s set up on the tee.

A driver is composed of a shaft, the head, and the hosel. The shaft will determine the length and much of the weight of the club, while the head will define the club’s point of contact with the ball. The hosel links the two (although many drivers no longer use the hosel, and instead simply embed the head in the bottom of the shaft).

Naturally, all the major brands of golf clubs make drivers. If you’re looking for a driver, Bunker’s Paradise lets you choose between Callaway drivers, Nike drivers, Ping drivers, Taylormade drivers, Titleist drivers, and many more high-quality brands. Since a driver is a critical component to every single player’s game, you’ll want to take a long time browsing amongst and evaluating all the many different options at your disposal. Whether you opt for the MacGregor driver, the Nickent driver, or any of the other drivers we offer on the site, you’ll be making a necessary and important investment in your game.

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