‘Sexy’ Golf Tip of the Week: How to Hit Curveballs

Many of us saw that famous clip of Bubba Watson hooking his wedge fifty yards to win the Masters in 2012. Not all of us play for the green jacket, but all of us play for something.

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When a tree gets in the way of you and your green, you need to shape your shots like an artist. Here’s what Golf Digest’s Blair O’Neal has to say about how you can put a ‘sexy’ curve on your ball.

For draws:

  1. Clubface pointed right – This lets the ball start to the right of whatever is in your way.
  2. Take a stand pointed even more right relative to the clubface – By doing this, your clubface actually becomes closed relative to your body, which results in a nice draw if you follow the next step.
  3. Swing along the line of your stance – As you swing along your body with a clubface that’s closed relative to your swing path, you’ll put a ton of right-to-left spin on your ball (or left-to-right for lefties).

For fades, do the same thing but instead of pointing everything to the right, do it towards the left.

Written by BP Staff

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