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A pair of socks is not the first thing I think about when buying golf apparel. Most socks worn by golfers would never be noticed upon first look. The Stance Fusion Golf socks are not most socks.

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If you’re looking for a new stylish look to stand out on and off the golf course, these are the socks for you.

There are 3 different lengths for each of the various designs to suit everyone’s taste:

  • Low Cuts: 5 cm cuff (ankle socks)
  • Quarter Cut: 10 cm cuffs (goes above the ankle)
  • Crew Cut: 20 cm cuffs (goes up to your mid-upper calf)

We tried on the Sable Low Cut and Kalapana Crew Cut socks for review.

Stance Perfomance Socks Green


The main attraction with these Fusion Golf socks is the variety of different styles and looks that are made for every type of golfer. If I’m feeling like the life of the party and wanting some pop to my outfit, I can go with one of the loud and flashy designs (like the Kalapana). If I just want to get out there and enjoy the day on the course, I can choose one of the simple, classier looks (like the Sable).

The crew cuts are perfect for those golfers who want to stand out among their foursome. The Kalapana Crew Cut socks were no exception as they epitomize exactly what Stance was going for with their Fusion Golf socks: “Party up top, business down below.” The design and vibrant colors definitely caught my eye when I pulled them out of the bag.

The low cut socks also offer a variety of stylish designs even though they are not really visible when wearing shoes. The Sable Low Cuts had more of a simple, colorful, and classier look, which reiterates the multiple designs available for all tastes.


These socks are made of polyester, nylon, spandex, and elastic and have a very soft yet thick feel. Picking them up for the first time, these felt heavier than the socks I’m used to wearing but after putting them on, I was surprised at how light they actually were.

I wore the socks for both a round on the course and a day at the office and can say they are extremely comfortable. In terms of comfort and feel, Stance definitely came through.

Stance Hawaii Print


Stance made these socks with unique Triniti Technology to combine traction control, premium cushioning and support, and moisture management.

The traction control on the bottom of the sock offers better grip to the shoe. I usually wear thinner socks that can sometimes slip inside my shoe during the swing. The traction control was the perfect fix to that problem as my feet felt stable and attached to my shoe throughout the swing.

The cushioning and support was the main reason for the comfortable feel throughout the round as mentioned above in the Feel section. The low cuts also did not slip down my foot as some ankle socks tend to do, which was also definitely a plus.

As for the moisture management, I played a round wearing these socks in 90 degree weather and had no issues under the hot conditions. My feet felt cool and dry throughout the entire round. Another plus that would especially appeal to those who like to walk to the course.


The Stance Fusion Golf socks are a refreshing addition in terms of combining style with comfort on and off the golf course. For anyone who wants to add some pop to their bland black and white sock collection, these socks are the perfect addition.

Written by BP Staff

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