Perchmount Phone Mount Review: Golfers Mount Up

Videos have become the norm in our everyday life, where people video anything and everything.   If you don’t believe me, just head over to YouTube and you can pretty much search for anything and it will be there.  Golfers are no different, as videos have been popping up on Vine, Instagram and YouTube.

How are these people capturing all these great videos?  There are plenty of GoPro videos out there, but not everyone can afford a GoPro, so they rely on their smartphones.

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One of my pet peeves when it comes to watching videos is having a shaky camera.  If I find a video and the camera is shaking, then it is getting turned off rather quickly. Well, Perchmount hopes to solve that problem along with adding some other fun options with their Perchmount Phone Mount.

What is It?

Perchmount for Golf is essentially a holder for you smartphone so it can be utilized as a camera and more while on the golf course, range or training at home.

Perfchmount Up Close
Up Close Look At the Perchmount


The Perchmount is a “C” shaped contraption that is made of rubber and plastic.  It has an outer red (other color options) plastic with the Perchmount logo on it.  The inside is made of black rubber so that it can grip almost any smartphone.  The top and bottom have a little ridge to help hold your smartphone in place.  The plastic is thick but bendable, which is needed to get your smartphone snug inside so it will hold firm during filming.

The Perchmount comes with a very strong magnet on the bottom, which allows you attach it to any metallic surface (golf cart) for stability.  You can also purchase small magnetic stickers from Perchmount so you can set them up in your favorite spots to be used later. The quality of the material is definitely top notch.

Perchmount On Course
Perchmount On Course Action


What functions it can possibly be used for:

  • Recording and Viewing Swing
  • Using apps on the golf course
  • Watching “how to” golf tip Videos
  • Record Swing – Utilize Swing Analyzer App
  • Taking Photos

I take a lot of videos and photos with my iPhone, not only on the course, but with my family as well.  I always have to ask a stranger to take a photo of us or of me on the course while playing.  With the Perchmount, I was able to set up my phone to film my swing on the course, at the range and even at my home training center.

I’m not much for using GPS on my phone during a round of golf for a couple reasons.  First I like finding the yardage myself and pacing it out. I guess I’m a little old school when it comes to finding yardages.  Second, I can’t stand pulling out my phone for every shot.  I have to stop, take my phone out of my pocket, turn it on, get the APP up and running, and then I can finally check the GPS.  I was interested to see if having my phone set up to a GPS App and then having it attached to the Perchmount would actually save me some time and effort.

I first used the Perchmount while at home in my indoor range.  I was able to set it up quickly and start recording right away.  It’s a very simple set up as all you need to do is get your phone snug within the Perchmount.  There was no need for utilizing the magnet during this testing period.  The videos came out clear and I could get the Perchmount set up how I wanted the angle to be.  It was the same on the range and on the course.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the use of the Perchmount when it comes to utilizing the magnet portion.  I first tried the magnet up against some items in my home and I found it to be very strong.  However I was a little worried about how it would react while attached to a moving, bouncing golf cart.  I took it to the course, attached it to the cart without my phone first as I didn’t want to break my phone if it didn’t hold up.  The Perchmount grabbed onto the rail of the golf cart firmly and I drove it around with no issues.  I then put my phone inside and went for a little ride.  The Perchmount held on tightly to the rail and I had no issues.   I set my phone  to the GPS App I wanted and went on my way.  Other than having to swipe open my iPhone, it was a huge time saver.  I pretty much attached it just like you see in the video above.  So as far as functionality and performance goes, the Perchmount does exactly what it is intended to do.


The Perchmount might not win any huge awards for innovation, but it will make a lot of people happy.  Like I mentioned before, I use my iPhone for nearly everything so I will be using the Perchmount quite a bit.  Overall, the Perchmount is a nice item to add to your golf bag for taking photos, videos and utilizing your GPS on the course.

Price: $25
Black, Neon Green and Red
30-day full refund policy and 1-year warranty.



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