The Grint: Not Your Ordinary Golf GPS App

Go to your phone/tablet’s App Store and search for “Golf GPS App” and there will be hundreds of options that pop up.  It seems like everyone is making an APP these days.  I have tried several of them hoping to find the right one for me and can’t seem to make that connection.  While I have found that some are pretty good, I have also found many to just be awful.

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I have had issues with the GPS not working, not having the course I’m playing at in the system and several other issues including highly overpriced upgrades.  Also I have yet to find one that can provide me with an Official USGA Compliant Handicap.  So when the folks at The Grint Golf App reached out to Bunkers Paradise I wasn’t exactly jumping over the moon.  But when I heard the App could provide an Official Handicap my ears perked up.

The Grint App was launched in March of 2014 and already has over 100,000 users.  I spoke with Jose Torbay who is the Founder of The Grint and after speaking with Jose, I soon learned that this wasn’t going to be your ordinary golf GPS App.  Two things really stood out to me during our conversation.  First, the people at The Grint are dedicated to making not only the best Golf GPS App, but also making it the most user friendly.  Second, they are about the golf community growing, which is noticeable when you start using the app.  Let’s breakdown the Grint App and find out more of what can be expected.

Key Features:

  • USGA Compliant Handicap
  • GPS
  • Easy to Track Scoring
  • Picture Scorecard (More on this amazing feature later)
  • Track Your on Course Stats
  • Track Your Friends Stats
  • See Your Friends Live Scoring

The Grint App


The Grint is a simple but classy looking designed app.  No fancy colors popping off the screen or hard to follow instructions.  The key words and titles are big enough for you to see and click on and the color changes make it easy to differentiate between topics on the screen.

You start from the homepage that includes your current handicap, your scoring average, your putts per round average and GIR (greens in regulation).  The homepage also has an activity feed that displays your rounds, your friends rounds, photos that were posted and much more.  It’s always nice to see how your friends, and in some cases, your enemies are playing.

Right from the homepage you can move over to all the areas of the app by simply the touch of your finger.


Possibly the easiest golf GPS app I have tried and that is saying a lot because I have downloaded and tried a bunch of them.  During my conversation with Mr. Torbay, we discussed matters of usability and he brought to my attention one small detail that stood out.

“When we designed this app, we made sure that every detail, including the tiniest, were perfect.  For example, when you normally touch a smart phone or tablets screen, it recognizes the touch of your finger and will drop the curser there.  Well we designed it to go slightly above your fingertip so you can actually see the cursor, which no one else has done to my knowledge.”

After hearing this concept, I realized that Jose and his team at The Grint didn’t skip any details and truly wanted to create an top notch product.

To continue with the usability of the app, like I mentioned before, it is very easy to manipulate.  Each screen has a solid, crisp and clear display, which makes it easy to navigate through.  The word “Play” for when you want to play a round or input a past round is one example.  It does not get much more simple than that.

[divider]Screen Shots[/divider]

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The features on this app seem to be endless.  One feature I want to make sure to mentioned is the score tracking system.  You can track your scoring and statistics on a single course or overall.  I love being able to look back at a certain course and find out what I did wrong or right the last time I was there.  For example, I played a certain course and on a particular par 3 hole I was able to see that I hit it long the last time out.  So I can take that into consideration when selecting the proper club.


The “Check your Stats” feature is fantastic as you can get a break down of how you are playing.  To simplify this I’m going to use bullet points to see what you get out of the Statistics Section of the app.

  • Your trending handicap
  • Scoring: Avg. Score, Best & Worst rounds.
  • Average on Par 3’s, Par 4’s & Par 5’s
  • Putting Stats: Putts per round, Best & Worst
  • GIR, Non GIR, 1 Putter/Round
  • Driving Accuracy: Hit, Missed left or right
  • Breakdown of your GIR by Par of hole
  • Irons Accuracy: Missed long, left, right, or Hit target (breakdown of yardage)
  • Penalties: Hazards, Drops, Bunkers Hit
  • Scrambling Statistics
  • Performance Trends: A breakdown of your overall performance trends

I don’t think I can do justice to all these statistics that the Grint App has in words so I’m including screen shots for you to see.   So why do you want all these numbers?  It’s simple, by knowing these stats you can break down your game and find out where your game needs help.  If you know your weaknesses then you can better your game by practicing to fix them.

Check Your Friends:

One of my favorite parts about being able to see all these statistics is that you can see the exact same thing from all your friends.  You can track how they are playing, which is very cool in my opinion.  Plus it’s always good for trash talking.


Let’s discuss the GPS of The Grint because I know a lot of people are going to download this app for that purpose.  I have tried several GPS apps and have found a few that were very good and few not so good.  The Grint app features a solid GPS that uses Google Map images as you play along.  The crew at The Grint informed me that their app is accurate to 1 yard of your location, which is about as accurate as you are going to find.

I liked having the Google images on my screen instead of an animated golf course.  A buddy and I were playing at Monterey Country Club and he hit his drive a bit left.  His ball ended up resting up against an electrical building.  I took out the GPS and sure enough the building was right there, with our location behind it. (See Photo Below)

Grint GPS Monterey Country Club


An animated course map won’t be able to show certain things like that. Also as you can see from the screen shot above you can see every tree, bunker and water hazard.  You will also get a breakdown the course with distances to the back of the green, center, front and if there are any hazards.

Photo Scorecard:

One of the best features to The Grint app is their photo scorecard service.  Some people don’t like going to their phone every time they mark down a score.  They like to mark down their scores on their paper scorecard, which I completely understand.  When inputing your score into a phone, you have to turn the phone on, get to your app and then input the score.  It takes a little bit of effort and time.  When using your local course scorecard, you sit down and mark your score.  The people at The Grint understand this and have made it ridiculously easy for you to input your stats, scores etc into the app.

Take a picture of your scorecard at the end of your golf round then send it to them at [email protected] or upload it with the app. They have people on standby who then input your statistics into your account and within minutes you have your stats.  

This is how it works:

Course Mapping:

If your course not mapped, you can actually use their mapping system online to input your course, which in most cases won’t be necessary since they have most courses already mapped.  But just in case, once you map it, they will verify it within 10 days and then add it to the system.  You can also contact them and they will do the mapping.  They currently are mapping hundreds of courses around the entire world.


I am truly impressed with this app.  I personally will be using it from this point forward to track my handicap and statistics.  I’m working on lowering my handicap in hopes of getting to single digits and I think the Grint App will help me in that process.  One of the best parts about The Grint App is that it is FREE.  You don’t need to have a “Pro Membership” to get your USGA Handicap, which is pretty cool. To get all the features of the Grint, it will cost you just $19.99 a year.


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