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There comes a time in our golf life when we start to get serious about our game. Maybe it’s because our handicap is slowly getting lower or we don’t let as many par putts get away from us. Regardless of your situation, at some point, you will want to take your game to the next level. This is where Lighting comes into play. This ball is for the player who wants to be different and still have a ball that can perform.

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The Lightning HL3 is a three piece golf ball with a urethane cover designed for players with decent club head speed. It promises to perform so much like the ProV1 that you couldn’t notice the difference. Well, there are a lot of companies who find it easy to say that their ball is the best, which is why we took this ball out to the course.

Since we are comparing it to the ProV1 ball, our main focus is in looking at some important factors to help in our comparison. These are feel, control, distance, and spin.


Let’s start out by saying that this ball looks a little bit “flashy”, but I am sure there are a lot of people out there who can rock a lightning bolt on their ball. Aside from that, the SmackDaddy will bring a ton of character to your game. If a big lightning bolt isn’t easy to spot out on the fairway or rough, it features a way to mark your ball and ID it; that is if you feel your initials look sloppy even to a 3th grader, which seems to be most golfers.

SmackDaddy Golf Ball
Lightning SmackDaddy Ball


The ball features a soft cover that actually feels very similar to a ProV1 to the touch. When teeing off with the driver the ball feels soft but solid.

It’s definitely on the soft side. Controlling the ball is very possible with this ball due to the stability it has in the air. I hit a couple of high and low shots and the ball was very predictable in the air.

Overall, the ball gave me a similar sense of confidence around the green like the ProV1.

Lightning Smack Daddy Golf Ball


The ball performed fairly well. It’s not necessarily a ball that you can smoke and expect it to go 15 yards further like some hard two-piece balls.  The ball performs best with 95-110 mph swings, so if you’re above that, you might not get much more out of it. This ball was pretty standard for me distance wise, but it definitely surprised me with how well it spins and bites.

The ball performs best with iron play in my opinion. You can really feel the ball compressing against your clubs.  Where the SmackDaddy really performed the absolute best was 100 yards in.  It had that same nice ball compression as with the irons and created a whole lot of spin.  If you like manipulating your golf ball with spin then the SmackDaddy is a nice option. The ball also reacts very well when you try to hook it or slice it out from under the trees.

It’s soft and you will notice that with your putts. Once you get used to that softer feeling at impact with the putter, the SmackDaddy rolls just fine.


If you’re looking for a good ball to take your game into the next gear, but perhaps you’re not ready to throw $4 ball away into a lake before you put a scuff mark on it, the Lightning Golf Smack Daddy might be a good choice for you.

Just remember, the ball is not magic, the differences in feel and spin are noticeable but not incredible. This is a good option if it fits your character or if you’re like many of us who love to try new things and leave no stones unturned.  At a price of 29.99 for a dozen, the Lightning SmackDaddy golf ball is a steal in our opinion.  I gave the SmackDaddy an overall score of birdie for the simple fact that for $29.99 you are getting a very good golf ball.

For more information and to purchase the SmackDaddy click HERE.

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