Bubba Watson & Ian Poulter Crowd Pleasers at Ryder Cup: Flashback

Some moments in sports instantly become classics.  For example “The Catch” by Dwight Clark of the 49ers against the Dallas Cowboys or when Babe Ruth pointed to center field calling his homerun.  These moments have become ingrained into our minds forever.

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The 2012 Ryder Cup produced one of “those” moments when Ian Poulter and Bubba Watson stepped up to the tee.  Golf is a gentlemen’s game and there are certain unwritten rules, such as being quiet while someone is on the tee box.  But as you can see from this classic moment in golf that Poulter and Watson could care less about the crowd being quiet as they encouraged the crowd to get louder.  I’m not sure why golf can’t be played like this all the time, but I actually think it makes the game more enjoyable to watch.

Written by BP Staff

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