5 Thoughtful Ways to Play Golf Nicely With Others

Golf is a game that some times can be looked as an individual sport, but for many, it is one of the most social games in the world today. Whether it be with your long time friends, co-workers or potential business partners, the game of golf has been used for decades as a way to form unique relationships between all types of golfers.

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We just want to remind you of this fun fact and give you some quick tips on how to play nicely with others to make the game more fun overall for all of our readers.

Learn When & How to Let People Play Through

How to Let a Group Play Through

As we saw in the 2014 PGA Championships, it’s not the funnest thing in the world to get hit up on while you’re playing your round. In some cases, you just haven’t been having a very good round or maybe you’re playing with someone new to the game and that is slowing you down just a bit. The most common situation is that the group behind you is smaller and are playing at a faster pace.

The great thing about golf is that it’s a game built on honor and code, so if you’re in a situation as mentioned above, the courteous thing to do is to let the group behind you play through. A great opportunity for you to do this is on a short par 3, so that you can mark your ball once you’re on the green and wave the group behind you to go ahead and hit their tee shots.

As the group approaches their next shots, you can either putt or wait for them to putt out and move on to the next hole. This really doesn’t take that much time and soon after you do this, the sooner everyone starts to enjoy their round again.

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