TIBA Putt Training Aid Review: Perfect Stroke Right Out of the Gate

My golf game seems to get better in spurts. I can never put everything together all at the same time. Off the tee I’m usually fine but if I miss my approach to the green or you leave me with a five foot putt for par, bad habits and lack of confidence begin to creep into my game.

I often leave the course after a round or just hitting balls at the range feeling guilty. Why? In order for my game to improve I need to practice on my biggest weakness, putting, but I rarely put in the effort.

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Very reluctant to review a training aid, especially one that has to be used while on a putting green, the Tiba Putt seemed like a less cumbersome way of practicing while on a crowded putting green.

Here is Bunkers Paradise Brand Ambassador Fiamma Felitch utilizing the Tiba Putt


The Tiba Putt was created by Kyle Henderson and Don Everhart. This training aid is from two guys who love golf and have found a better way to practice. Kyle, a competitive golfer with a background in logistics and retail management, and Don, a marketing and product development guru set out on the difficult task of making the Tiba Putt a reality.

So what exactly does Tiba stand for?  It refers to the two inches before striking the ball and two after. Instead of changing the whole stroke Tiba Putt allows the face to stay square to target where it matters, at impact!


Here is what Tiba Putt claims you will benefit from by using their putting aid:

  • Angled entry allows golfer to maintain their own path and stroke
  • Improves flaws near impact
  • Allows golfer to strike putt with a square face and along a square path through impact


The Tiba Putt is not going to win any awards for its aesthetics. Tiba Putt’s look is straightforward from the plain white box it’s packaged in right down to the plastic material it’s made from. I didn’t mind the orange and actually found it to provide a great contrast to the ball, the putting green and the putter. Setup is simple you have two separate pieces, each side is tapered and easily distinguishable as to what side is right and left. On each piece there are two holes to fasten the Tiba Putt into place once you have set the gate and aligned your putt. It accepts any size or shape of putter too!

Tiba Putt


It’s hard to argue with results and while I haven’t dropped five strokes off my score I do think that is something that might come down the road. My fear of short putts is beginning to fade. The Tiba Putt has helped me be more aware of my face angle and keeping it square to target. I now am also using my putters alignment aid, imagine that, more help.


In the past ten years I have tried several putting aids. This includes everything from tees to bigger contraptions with mirrors. Here is what I really liked about Tiba Putts approach – it didn’t try to completely change my stroke! The tapered ends of each piece of the alignment aid allow you to putt your putt (yes that’s a spin on Arnold’s saying) without having to stop your stroke and start over.

In better terms regardless of your path Tiba Putt will only correct the most crucial part of the stroke, the impact zone, or what is referred to two inches before and after the stroke. I tried straight and breaking putts with great success. An alignment aid would’ve made it easier to set the first piece on a proper line, but even without I had no problem getting lined up. The main selling point besides improving my putting is the fact that you can still finish your stroke regardless of path and end up square to the target.

My first round after using the Tiba Putt was mixed. Inside ten feet I was much improved but speed of the putt is where the strokes added up. In no way does that reflect on the Tiba Putt but my own problems judging speed. In fact, I seemed to be striking the center of the face more consistently.


Kyle and Don have definitely proved that the market has room for new ideas and innovations. The Tiba Putt is great in the fact that you can honestly work with your stroke and it will guide you into a better impact position. There are no bells and whistles just a straightforward putting aid that works. I did get some dirty looks from a few golfers when sticking tees in to the ground to secure this into place, so just make sure the course is okay with this before you secure it into place.

I’m planning on continuing to practice with the TIBA Putt mostly because it didn’t require an overhaul of my current stroke.

TIBA Putt retails for $24.99 but if you visit their site they are running a special for $19.99!


Written by BP Staff


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