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The Mizuno JPX EZ family of woods are about as legit as golf clubs come. We have had the opportunity to review the Driver, Woods and now we take a look at the Mizuno JPX EZ Hyrbids. One reason why so many people are loving these news woods is because they live up to their name and are easy to hit. The JPX EZ family of woods are all very similar when it comes to technology.

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Mizuno JPX EX Hybrid Gallery

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  • Face Design: Ultra-thin 1770 maraging steel face
  • Large 127cc clubhead: With deeper face for aggression from the tee.
  • Face Forward Design: Assists leading edge under ball for crisp contact.

JPX EZ H Address



I still insist that the looks of the JPX EZ line are very unique and cool. I love the black matte finish and the orange highlights throughout the club. The black matte finish on top is a smart move for any club maker as it reduces glare on bright sunny days. Also the larger clubhead in the hybrid is quite noticeable and will give you a sense of confidence standing over your ball. Some people might not want a bigger head with a hybrid and I get that, but this club is meant to help golfers get the ball in the air easily and the bigger head helps with that. At address you will see the Mizuno logo for alignment and the white lines across the face of the club. I actually liked being able to see those lines as it helped with alignment of the club.

JPX EZ Hybrid - Headcover


The JPX EZ Hyrbid has a very solid feel upon impact. You get a sense that the ball is hopping off the face. I thought the sound of the hybrid was a bit more dull than the driver and three wood. Both the driver and three wood made a very loud sound. On mis-hits there are virtually no bad vibrations that you will feel as this club is very forgiving. The club head is light, as almost nearly every single wood on the market is these days. The thought process is that lighter is faster, faster is longer. I don’t like a clubhead to be too light though because I want to feel what I’m swinging. Mizuno Golf did a good job of not making these clubs overly light.

It comes with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip as most of the Mizuno clubs do. I have no issues with this stock grip as it does the job. Mizuno does give you several other grip options if you are into something else.

Mizuno JPX EZ Face 1


This club is flat out easy to hit! I seriously am impressed with how well this club gets golf balls off the surface and into the air. I do struggle a bit with high flyers and I was a bit worried with the JPX EZ Hybrid. I could tell by standing over the ball that it would be a higher launching club. What was quite impressive was how this club allowed my approach shots to land softly on the greens. I was able to make some shots come in just like a 4,5 or 6 iron. Mizuno has claimed the bigger sweet spot on these clubs and I believe it. It is hard to miss a shot with this golf club. You will really have to miss your shot pretty bad in order to see bad results.

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I wouldn’t say this club blew away the competition in distance, but I really don’t think there is “That” big of a difference between club makers these days. With that being said, I was hitting the JPX EZ Hybrid just as long as other hybrids with the same loft. But the JPX EZ had a fantastic ball flight that allowed for soft landings and a bit of control onto the greens.


As I mentioned before this is probably one of the easiest clubs to hit on the market. It is remarkably forgiving to hit. If you are looking to replace those long to mid irons with a hybrid I highly recommend this club. I have hit several other hybrids this year and the only other one that I feel can compete is the Cleveland 588 Hybrid. The JPX EZ is very forgiving, so if you need some help in that area this might be the club for you.


The Mizuno JPX EZ Hybrid is one of the better hybrids I have hit this year. It is forgiving and doesn’t lack in distance. It also creates very soft landings for all your approach shots. With clubs like these, it’s no wonder Mizuno Golf is making waves amongst amateur golfers.

Written by BP Staff

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