How to Be A Good Guest for a Round of Golf

One of the mantras I live my life by has been “You are who you surround yourself with” and it’s helped me reduce the drama in my life as well as keep me on my toes when I’m being introduced to any of my friend’s friends. With that being said, being a good guest of your host on an outing of golf is very important if you wish to play golf nicely with others.

If you’re buddy has invited you for a round of golf and is treating for your round, then here are some quick tips on how to be a great guest.

  1.  Don’t complain about the course or any of the service at the course.
  2. Make sure to compliment players accordingly on well played shots.
  3. Offer to pay for the snacks/drinks at the turn.
  4. Offer to pay for the caddie fees and service tips if there are any.
  5. Don’t lose your temper.
  6. Try your best to return the favor and invite your host for a round of golf.

Written by Gary Lee

Founder of Bunkers Paradise, Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend and Golfer. Twitter @MrGaryLee |


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