How to Hit a Sexy Sky Shot With Blair O’Neal

This weeks sexy golf tip by Blair O’Neal and Golf Digest is how to hit a sky shot.  Imagine you just blasted your drive, walk up and there is a tree between you and the green.  So how do you get over that tree?  If you try to shoot through the tree, chances are it’ll hit back, and you’ll hit a shot that goes about twenty yards, or worse, backwards. In many scenarios on the course, you need to know how to hit a shot that balloons into the sky and lands softly on your target location. Blair O’Neal is here to help:

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  1. Pick a lofted club – You need some loft for this shot. Anything lower than a 7 iron is going to be pretty tough to work with unless you’re a pro.
  2. Ball in front of your stance – By putting the ball in the front of your stance, you ensure that the ball makes contact with the clubface when it’s travelling up and away from the ground (or at least parallel to it) rather than when it’s heading into the grass, increasing the trajectory of your shot.
  3. Look to the sky – This helps you visualize the shot you’re going to take and survey any obstacles along the way. You won’t get your ball to fly by looking at your ground target; you need to look at the path it’ll take to get there.
  4. Big swing, finish high – Extend those arms and take a big swing, finishing with your arms higher in the air than normal.

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Written by BP Staff


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