Axis 1 Joey C Putter Review: Get Balanced

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I’ve had the opportunity to review several of the newest putters in 2014 and there have been a lot of very good ones.  Last year, I had the chance to review the Axis 1 Eagle putter, which impressed me all around.  The only negative I had with the Eagle was that is was a bit too light. So when I got the chance to check out the Axis 1 Joey C putter I was pretty excited as it’s a bit heavier than the Eagle.  Let’s get into this review by checking out the specs and technology.

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  • 350 grams
  • Classic blade
  • CNC milled face
  • Copper insert
  • Stainless Steel shaft with vibration dampening core
  • Stainless Steel counterweight screw for perfect final balance calibration
  • Standard size Winn grip
  • Individually balanced

What makes the Axis 1 different from other putters?  Other than its uniquely different look at address, it is also a perfectly balanced putter. Here is an easy to follow graphic to show you exactly what they mean by a perfectly balanced putter and how it makes a difference.

Axis 1 Balanced Putters Graphic



Here is another reason why Axis 1 putters are unique compared to the rest of the golf world.  The Putter Torque Rating or PTR sits at Zero.  What is PTR?  The PTR scientifically measures and rates the static torque about the axis of a putter shaft. In golfers’ terms: how prone certain putters are to “opening up” when addressing and swinging the club. Or you just could think of PTR like this- it measures how prone each specific model is to opening up and forcing you to push your putts.  Here is another graph by Axis 1 to show you some comparisons. 

Putter Torque Ratings


With any Axis 1 putter, it might take a bit of getting used to as the neck is bent in a manner that could confuse someone at first look.  The Joey C putter is like all other Axis 1 putters when it comes to the look at address.  As mentioned above, all Axis 1 putters are perfectly balanced and the shape and bending of the neck is how they accomplish that.  I have had people ask me if I bent the shaft on the putter myself.  But as you can see from the photo below, it is a well made putter with a purpose behind its look.  The bent neck also plays a role in your alignment.  Not only do you have a black line that runs along the top of the putter to help square yourself up, you can also use the bend in the neck.  Your golf ball will sit right inside a “pocket” when looking down.  With these two ways to align your ball, it is quite simple to get your direction squared away.  There also is a line that runs straight back from the ball for an additional alignment aid.  The Joey C putter also comes with a green grip and green head cover that match, which is a pretty fun look.

Axis 1 Joey C Neck



The grip on the Axis 1 Joey C putter is a standard size WINN putting grip.  I’ll be the first to say that I’m not an expert when it comes to grips and their technology.  All I can go by is how it feels and performs.  The grip is squared in front to lock your hands into proper position.  It was soft and tacky and after laying it down in the morning dew, I had no problems gripping the putter.

As far as touch and feel go with this putter, it had a good feeling.  It wasn’t too hard nor was it too soft and mushy like some putters I have played with.  The tricky part with the Axis 1 putters is on mis-hits.  Because of their technology, it is difficult to feel if you are hitting in the exact sweet spot.  Now that is good and bad.  The reason it’s good is because this putter is the best on mis-hits that I have ever played with.  It’s bad because you get comfortable with this club making up for your bad ball striking.  It’s always good to know if you are having mis-hits as it will help you maintain a better putting stroke in the long term.


This is truly one of my favorite performing putters.  I know that some people won’t give this club a try simply because of the way it looks.  Big mistake in my opinion.  Distance control is as good as you will find on the market.  As I mentioned above, your mis-hits will roll almost as good as a solid strike.  I have been using this putter everywhere for the last month so I could give you a solid breakdown.  I have tested it on the practice greens numerous times, at my home putting green and also on the course and I walk away pleased every time.

  • Short Putts:

When using the Joey C putter on short putts you will find it incredibly easy to set up your putting line.  You lock your ball into that squared up area and you are good to go.  With that type of alignment you really don’t have to worry about pushing or pulling your putts.  The concern on close putts is making sure you are properly aligned to ram it in the hole.  With the Joey C putter I had no issues with that. It’s a confidence building putter for sure.  This is where I noticed the “perfect balance” of this putter the most, mainly because it’s nearly impossible to push your putt.

Axis 1 Joey C Back Close

  • Long Putts:

Long putts are all about distance control.  I see so many golfers struggle with the proper speed on long putts and leave their ball either extremely short of the hole or they go flying past the hole.  Longer putts are something that I have been working on for quite some time since I’m not always knocking down the pin on my approach shots.  I was using the Odyssey Versa #1 prior to making the switch to the Joey C putter.  The one thing I really liked about the Versa was its feel on long putts.  When using the Versa the ball would come off the face nicely without popping up off the green, therefore having better distance control.

The Joey C putter performs just as well in that regard.  I get a clean roll every time with this putter, which is comforting especially when looking at a long uphill 50 foot putt.

The most impressive part about this putter is the distance control.  I took 20 balls out to the practice greens one day and stood about 30 feet from the hole.  I hit putt after putt until all 20 golf balls were gone.  I looked over at my grouping of balls and was pleasantly surprised.  Several dropped in the hole, but the ones that didn’t were within a few feet of each other.  Just to further prove my point, of the 20 I hit, I can recall two that hit extremely poorly.  But when looking at my group of balls I didn’t know which were the two bad shots.


Some of this might seem a bit like a sales pitch, but it’s because I am honestly so impressed with how this putter performs.  I understand that this putter might not be for everyone because of the looks.  But if you can get past the looks of this putter, you will be pleasantly surprised with the performance.

The Axis 1 Joey C putter sells for $229.  For more information click HERE.


Written by BP Staff

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