Nickalus: 20 Majors for Rory McIlroy? Best Wishes for Tiger

In an interview with ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” this morning, the career leader in PGA majors, Jack Nicklaus, chimed in about the current No. 1 player in the world, Rory McIlroy. Even before McIlroy’s current winning streak on tour, Nicklaus has been getting to know Rory, consulting him on the game and the business behind the game.

“It’s nice he takes an interest in my game,” McIlroy said. “It really is cool, and it’s nice to be able to talk to him about those sort of things.”

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As Nicklaus has gotten to know Rory more, it seems as if the admiration has grown as the Golden Bear predicted 15-20 majors for the young Irishman. Obviously, the conversation shifted to Tiger Woods’ chase of Jack’s 18 majors record and he gave the best answer he could possibly give:

“He certainly has at least another 10 years of playing major-championships golf,” Nicklaus said. “That’s 40 — at least 40 — majors to win. I believe Tiger will do that if his health remains good. Nobody every wants their records broken, that’s obvious. But I don’t want him to not break the records because he’s not healthy. That’s certainly not in the cards of what I would like to see. Or what anybody would like to see.”

h/t: ESPN

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