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Everyone loves a great photo and that is one reason we love Instagram here at Bunkers Paradise.  We now have over 4,000 followers and appreciate every single one of them. So we asked that you use the hashtag #bunkersparadise on all your golf photos that you would like us to share with the community.  Since we put that out there we have received several amazing photos.  So we will have a weekly piece from all the best Instagram photos where people use the tag #bunkersparadise to thank our amazing fans.  Here are the best of the week (and a few old ones to catch up).

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Best of Golf Instagram



Herb McNally aka herb_mcnally22, has been a friend of Bunkers Paradise for quite some time now and creates some of the best golf artwork you will see.  Herb currently works for several golf companies sprucing up their logos and making outstanding graphics.  When he isn’t making great art, Herb is on the golf course.  Herb shared this photo on Instagram after nearly holing out.  Nice shot Herb!

The idaleeeo as you will find him on Instagram has also become a good friend of the Bunkers Paradise family.  If you are looking for golf, booze, fun and lots of selfies, then he is a must follow account.  Here he is getting after it.

seitz___ tagged us with this photo of himself taking some swings out of the bunker.  Don’t forget to practice playing out of the bunkers, because most likely you will end up there quite often.  We like to do it on purpose sometimes, after all we are called Bunkers Paradise.  Nice photo Seitz.

We wanted to post this photo just because it is a cool shot.  This is from the boys at tibaputt who make a nice putting training aid that will help you roll your putts much straighter on a more consistent basis.


We love our young fans as they are more in tune with all the new technology of the world.  They are all over Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram.  thejkchamp tagged us in this cool shot.  Thanks for the tag and cool photo.


This photo by kenminschwaner3 is just great!  You send a great shot like this, most likely it will make the weekly post.  Great photo and thanks for the #bunkersparadise tag.

A sure way to get your Instagram photo on our weekly post is to come up with a clever way to use the hashtag #bunkersparadise like smallrocks did.   Here is his caption – ” @jaypelli had no problems #skrambling out of #bunkersparadise this morning. “


These are the top #bunkersparadise hashtag photos of the week.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram and use the hashtag #bunkersparadise for a chance to get featured here at Bunkers Paradise and also on Instagram with a Re-Post.

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