Ping Rapture V2 Driver

Hot off the presses is the Ping Rapture V2 Driver. A smart and aggressive addition to the renowned Ping family, the Rapture V2 Driver is another example of Ping’s multi-metal approach to their popular golf clubs. Take a look at the Ping Rapture V2 Driver’s specifications:

-A 460cc titanium body

-External tungsten weight pads located in the back, by the heel and toe

-A wide array of available lofts, ranging from 9, 105, 12 and 13.4 degrees.

-Use of Ping TFC939D as standard shaft

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And those are just a few of the Ping Rapture V2 Driver’s highly engineered statistics.

What you won’t get from reading a bunch of statistics is a sense of the Rapture V2 Driver’s control and power. With a distinctively sloped crown and very tall face, the Ping Rapture V2 Driver’s all about maximizing your launch arc and minimizing vibration and spin. That’s something everyone’s looking to get a hold of, and the Ping Rapture could help you get it.

As power-oriented as the Rapture is, another big shock you won’t get from a list of statistics is just how light-weight the club actually is. A big part of that lightness comes from the shaft, which weighs in at a mere 47 grams. It’s just another surprising dimension to the highly versatile and thoroughly designed Ping Rapture V2 Driver, and it’s one that makes this driver one of the lightest you can buy. The lightness doesn’t come at the cost of control, however, because the weight you need has been focused on the crown, where it belongs. The name of the game here is a nice, big sweet spot.

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Written by Gary Lee

Founder of Bunkers Paradise, Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend and Golfer. Twitter @MrGaryLee |

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