Mowing the Fairway – Tiger Woods Considers Going Bald

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Though we see Tiger as a golfer, competitor, and athlete, he’s above all a man. And most men know that come forty or fifty, the receding hairline rears it ugly head (bad puns galore).

In an interview with Colleen Dominguez and Fox Sports Live, Tiger discussed his life goals as a golfer and his disappearing hair. Here’s the inside skinny on the discussion:

1) Tiger on his recent failures at Congressional and the British Open:

Ballstriking. Tiger blamed his poor performance on the simplest and most common weakness for a golfer, the swing. He described himself, more than anything, as “rusty.”

2) Tiger on his ability to participate in the Ryder Cup:

No sense of entitlement here – Tiger believes that ONLY if he wins his next two events and fares well in the FedEx Cup, will he be worthy of being picked for the Ryder Cup team.

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3) Tiger on motivation and the comparison of him and Rory to Nicklaus and Watson: 

“Absolutely, I think that there are two goals that are probably pushing me right now. One is to get the all-time win record. I’m only three back of Sam on that one. And obviously the major record. I’m four back of Jack.”

4) Tiger and age: 

Tiger commented, “I’m comfortable aging. My hairline’s not.” On the question of shaving his hair, he said, “I think I will, but I’m fighting the cause. I’m fighting it hard. It’s a no-win fight, but I’m just hanging in there.”

But look on the bright side – at least he won’t have to worry about hat hair, right?

Written by BP Staff


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