Jack Nicklaus Golf Ball Review: White, Blue and Black

How do we as amateur golfers know which golf ball is right for us? The Golden Bear, Mr. Jack Nicklaus, has simplified that concept with his first line of golf balls. Jack Nicklaus is arguably the greatest golfer to ever walk the planet.  His accomplishments put normal men to shame. He was won 18 majors, 74 PGA Tour titles and has proven himself to be the ultimate competitor. So when Jack Nicklaus talks, I’m listening.  His new line of golf balls are based on the color of the tee you play from.

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  • Nicklaus White: For those who play from the forward tees (high handicap player)
  • Nicklaus Blue: For those who play from the blue tees (mid handicap player)
  • Nicklaus Black: For those who play from the black tees (single handicap or better player)

Here is Jack Nicklaus with a breakdown of his new golf balls.

Another unique aspect of these golf balls is the connection to charity. For every dozen purchased, the Nicklaus Company donates a minimum of $1 to both the St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation.

We took all three balls out on the course for a review session, so let’s get started.


All three balls have a very clean and simple design with the Golden Bear logo as its centerpiece. The logo’s size and color makes the ball easy to identify when looking for it in the long grass (as I’m prone to do off the tee). Finally, the NICKLAUS name along the side of the ball can be used as an alignment aid for putting. Overall, a clean and slick looking ball.

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The Nicklaus White ball is one of the harder golf balls I’ve felt, which makes sense as it is geared for the higher handicapper playing from the white tees. I wouldn’t expect anything else as a firmer golf ball offers low spin to maximize distance for those higher handicap players. I’d compare this ball to a Nike Power Distance.


The Nicklaus Blue was a little softer than the White upon initial feel. Based on the firm hard covers, both the Blue and White seem to be made to maximize distance. I expected the Blue to have a little more spin and control around the greens as it’s geared towards those mid handicap players. I’d compare this ball to a Titleist DT Solo or Bridgestone E5.


Best feeling Nicklaus ball of the bunch in my opinion.  With the black ball you will have that solid feel on drives with touch around the greens.  I really enjoyed the way this ball felt on irons and wedges.  I’d compare the Nicklaus Black to a Wilson FG Tour Ball or Titleist Pro V1.



Teeing off with the driver, this ball really flew off the club. With such low spin, it was easy to see how this ball maximizes distance as it just kept rolling upon landing, especially when I caught those nice baby draws off the tee. I even mishit one of my notorious slices (I like to think it was intentional for the purpose of this review) and the low spin noticeably minimized the severity of the slice.

Next up, I dropped a couple of these in the middle of the fairway from different distances to hit some smooth irons and wedges to see how they would hold on the green. In terms of distance, this ball wasn’t any longer than any higher performance ball I’m used to playing. It was also really tough to land and stick these as they had a good amount of rollout, even with wedges from 100 yards and in.

As I got closer to the green and started chipping, I already had an idea of what to expect. With its firm and hard cover, I didn’t expect it to be the softest and easiest ball to control around the greens, which is exactly how it performed. This ball was made for distance and it was pretty easy to tell once I got around the greens.


In order to review the White and Blue Nicklaus balls, I hit both alongside my normal ball of choice, the Bridgestone B330. Off the tee, the Nicklaus Blue was a pleasant surprise as it was outdriving the other two on some holes, sometimes by 10-20 yards. If you’re looking for maximum distance off the tee, this is definitely a ball to consider.

I once again tested the Blue with my irons and wedges from the middle of the fairway. Even though the firm feel of the Blue wasn’t much different than the White, the ball had much better check and spin when it hit the green. If it landed near the flag, the ball would end up there with a nice divot unlike the White.

Around the greens, the Blue had noticeably more spin and check than the White to allow for better control. Hitting short chips, flop shots, and long distance bump and runs, it was clear the Blue had more spin off the face than the White. However, it still had slightly more roll than my regular Bridgestone B330, notably on those higher flop shots.


The black ball is a performer. I really enjoyed how this ball felt in all aspects around the course.  Off the tee, the Black isn’t quite as long as the Blue, but it still was comparable to all other high performance balls (ProV1, B330).  There is a bit more spin off the tee with the Black, so a major slice will be slightly more noticeable.

Where this ball impresses is during iron/wedge play.  I hit shot after shot with the Black ball and walked away with smiles each time.  The Black ball flies high, lands soft and has lots of spin.  I have put a couple photos below for you to see how much spin you can get with this ball.  I could also get the black to just check up and stop on a dime.  This ball can really do it all.  For you better golfers I would highly recommend this ball.

Black Ball Divot




The Nicklaus White and Blue are both made perfectly for the mid to high handicap player, especially those looking to get that maximum distance off the tee.  The Black is definitely not for the beginner.  The Black is for all you good to very good golfers out there.  Toss in the charitable factor and the affordable prices, and this golf ball is a great choice for any golfer out there. For more information click HERE .

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Written by BP Staff

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