Mantis B Blade Putter Review: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

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I have played sports my entire life, including football, basketball, baseball and golf and I have never heard anyone say, “Hey, keep your eye on the bat or keep your eye on the club!”  The term is and has always been, keep your eye on the ball.  Mantis Golf has taken that principle to heart when they started making putters.  I’ll explain a little bit more about that below.  But real quick, what makes a putter good?  Obviously there are certain intangibles such as good feel, solid roll, and of course good control.  A lot goes into making a putter that has all of that.  So let’s take a closer look at the Mantis B Putter.

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The Mantis B putter is a blade style putter that has a high MOI (moment of inertia) to help with mis-hits off the toe and heel.  Mantis focused on a heel-toe weighting (Face Insert) clubhead to give you a solid feel on every putt.  The Mantis B putter has a polyurethane face to give it a good feel at contact.  The weight of the club is 355g, which is about standard with a blade putter.

I will discuss the looks of the putter below but I wanted to mention the muted green color of the putter as it is part of the technology utilized by Mantis to set their putters apart from other companies.  They have a green muted coloring to help the club blend into the green.  This is all part of the “keep your eye on the ball” philosophy.

Mantis B Bottom


This is the first time I’ve ever seen a green putter, and I have to say it was very interesting. The putter blends in with the grass, allowing you to focus your attention on the alignment aid and the ball. Because the white line is more visible, you can really see the path of your putter head on the way to the ball and I saw right away that I had been putting with an out to in stroke.  The bottom of the club has a sleek looking shiny silver that makes it look classy.   It will definitely catch the eye of others playing with you out on the course.

Mantis B Putter Alignment


The Mantis Putter has a very soft feel off the face. I play a firmer faced putter and wasn’t used to the feeling at first, but grew to like it after a few rolls. The softness gives you a greater feeling of control off of the face, which I think is crucial when picking a putter.  The grip was very nice as it was tacky and you don’t have to worry about slippage.

Mantis B Putter Grip

If I had to nitpick one thing, it would be the angle of the putter’s face. The way the shaft and clubhead are oriented make this putter more ideal for a player who sets up with a bit of forward press. If you are used to a straight up and down setup, it could take a couple practice sessions to get used to the Mantis Putter.


After I got used to the proper set up with this club, I was able to give it some solid strokes.  Like I mentioned above, it is a softer feeling face, which some people might love and some might not like at all.  I use a harder surfaced face because that is what I’m used to.  But I can see how someone who likes to “feel” their putts would really enjoy this putter.  With that being said, I had no issues with distance control and consistency throughout my testing.  The balls came off the face nicely with no popping up, even on longer lag putts.   With the muted green coloring against the white lines, this putter is extremely easy to line up.  I could see exactly where the putter was going and what it was doing, all while “keeping my eye on the ball”.


As one of the more feel dependent clubs in the bag, you really have to try this putter to see if you like it or not. Personally, I like a firmer feel and a more upright shaft at address.

I would recommend the Mantis Putter to anyone who likes to play with a bit of forward press at address and also to anyone who relies on strict alignment vs. feel. The way this putter is set up, as long as you are aiming the right way, you’ll have a chance to make any putt on any green.

For more information on Mantis Golf and to learn about the 100% money back guarantee click HERE.

Written by BP Staff


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