10 Worst & Best Foods & Drinks in a Round of Golf

You’ve practiced all week getting ready for the upcoming round with your buddies. You want to win those skins, that free dinner, that cold hard cash . . . hell, you want it all!

Well, don’t mess it up by eating or drinking the wrong things during the round and give yourself an advantage by knowing the best things to drink and eat during the round.

Worst Foods to Eat

Soda - On the Worst List

Soda, Fruit Juices & Energy Drinks Oh My!

The heat is beating down on you and you think if it’s good enough for Mean Joe Green, it’s good enough for you. There’s only one problem and that is if you down one of these carbonated sugar bombs, you better get ready for a blood sugar spike later in your round followed quickly by a pretty crappy sugar low. What that means is that your focus is going to go down the drain and in a game where it’s suppose to be 90% mental, that can mean more strokes to your round.

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