Is President Obama Losing His Golf Balls? One Man’s Find

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It looks like President Obama is losing his golf balls.  Yes that is a quick one liner to get to you to read on.  Apparently President Obama was playing some golf at Congressional Country Club over the weekend and may have lost some of his golf balls according to one man.  Mr. @pacedoh as you will find him on Twitter, posted this Tweet letting President Obama know that he found his lost golf ball.

So according to the photo it looks like President Obama is playing with a Titleist ProV1.  When seeing that, I immediately asked myself, should he even being playing a ProV1 ball?  So I did a little research.

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Mr. Obama was not much of a golfer before he ran for president.  He really only started playing on a regular basis in his first year of office in 2009 as he played 27 times, including seven rounds during his vacations on Martha’s Vineyard and in Hawaii.  In his second year of office he played 31 rounds.  In a span of 19 months, Obama played a total of 58 rounds.

Obama stepped up his game in year three of office as he played 34 rounds and reportedly was lowering his handicap by quite a bit.   According to Golf Magazine, Obama’s handicap in 2010 was about a 17.

In 2012, during his campaign year he dropped down to 19 rounds.  According to the, Obama has increased his rounds per year quite heavily since winning his last term.

From what I can find, it appears President Obama is sporting a handicap at about 8 right now.  If his golf game is anything like his political game, a ProV1 is probably a good choice as he is good at putting spins on things. See what i did there?

There is no confirmation on whether or not that golf ball actually is President Obama’s ball, but I’d say Mr. Pace Doherty aka @pacedoh should at least get a shout out from Obama on Twitter.

Here is Doherty’s post on Instagram.

Written by BP Staff

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