Use the Coin Drill for Improved Balance: Footwork Matters

There was a day a few years back when I just felt like my balance was all over the universe and my feet were out of control. The result was erratic shots and higher scores. I turned to my coach, Beverly Fergusson, for help and she introduced me to The Coin Drill.

After just a session with my coach, I was back on track with quiet footwork allowing me to fire down the target line with a steady head position and a consistent spine angle.

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Many players like myself and possibly you may move their feet too much during the swing. With feet ‘dancing’ all over the place during the swing, higher scoress may be creeping into your rounds.

The key reason for good footwork is to maintain a steady head and constant spine angle thus improving your balance.  By doing so you will be able to control the center point of the swing creating more power and consistency. In other words, better swing path and plane leads to solid ball contact.

Likewise, good footwork will help you coordinate the upper and lower body’s motion so you can come into the impact zone with a more square clubface leading to a consistent launch of the ball down the target line.


  1. Place a coin on the top/middle of each shoe and shift your weight on your backswing onto a firm, flexed right knee. The coins should remain in position without falling off.
  2. On your downswing, shift your weight onto your left side, so that about 60-70% is on the inside of your left foot (right-handed golfers) at impact. The coin on left foot should remain in place. Right about at this point, you will notice the coin on the right foot will fall to the inside toe area of your shoe.
  3. The coin slipping off the right foot occurs as you shift laterally toward and down the target line and eventually rotating the core of your body and right foot toe to your target line.

Excellent golfers have what is considered efficient footwork that is controlled and impact-related. Try this drill in slow motion and very deliberately to train your brain to feel the correct weight shift.

Coin Drill Finish Position



Utilizing quiet, proficient footwork will stabilize your head position (your head will move left to right slightly so don’t panic–we try to stay away from the up-and-down head movement–that will be another tip) and help you maintain a better and more consistent spine angle throughout the swing.

Give this golf tip drill a try and let us know at Bunkers Paradise what you think and the impact on your game. We are here for you.

‘keep smiling and always believe’

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Written by BP Staff


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