Back 9 Network Does it Drive: Make it Rain Red Bull

The crew over at Back 9 Network have been testing products of all kinds to see if they drive, including Thanksgiving dinner, Axe body spray and more.   Yes you read that right.  They take out products, take a driver to them and see how they drive.

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In this episode, Charles Everett and World Long Drive Champion Mike Dobbyn got together for the latest in the Back 9 Network’s “Does it Drive”.

In the Season 2 premiere, the Back 9 Network team tested the drivability of Red Bull Energy Drink that has mostly been attached in the golfing world to Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson.


This video is a tough one to break down. With all the explosions going on you can see that Dobbyn indeed “made it rain”.  I’m really not sure what 17.2 Dobbyn units are, but it sounds impressive.  You gotta love how much fun the crew at Back 9 Network is having these days.

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Photos: Lexi Thompson

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