Game InGlove Review: Laser Technology For Your Golf Game

Game-InGlove is looking to take the jump into the world of training aids. The idea is the same as other products make the game easier through proper practice, but the way it’s done is what might set their product apart from the pack.

From The company:


Light Up Your Game! Repeatable, consistent and powerful golf swing.

What if there was a golf training aid that could single-handedly eliminate the mistakes that destroy 99% of amateur golf swings and would finally lead to a repeatable, powerful and consistent golf swing? Would you want to try it?

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Realizer Club Face

Understanding the correlation and direct relationship the control/glove hand has with the actual clubface is fundamental to executing any golf swing whether it be a chip shot, a pitch shot, a bunker shot, a flop shot, a low shot, a high shot, a draw, a fade, a punch or a regular full swing.

Using the Realizer Clubface you will quickly discover that whatever you do with your control/glove hand has a direct effect on the path, angle and impact position of the clubface and, ultimately on the flight, spin and speed of the golf ball. Never before has this relationship been more apparent than now.

Never before have you been able to see the position and movement of the clubface by simply monitoring the back of your control/glove hand and, never before has the golf swing seemed so straightforward!

You will no longer try and scoop the ball or help the ball into the air and you will quickly understand how to achieve forward shaft lean and really start to compress the golf ball like never before. You will quickly understand how to get into the same impact position as the pros and learn how to exercise power and control over the golf ball.


Laser Path Guide

Since 99% of amateur golf swings are ruined within the first 2 feet of the takeaway, the Laser Path Guide was designed to immediately identify any such flaws and start the golf swing on the correct swing path. Not only that but using the Laser Path Guide you will be able to groove a perfect on-plane takeaway based on feedback from the laser beam. In no time whatsoever, you will learn how to take the club back like the pros, get into “the slot” and be ready to deliver a powerful blow to the golf ball.

Whereas the first two feet of the takeaway are critical to completing a correct, repeatable and on-plane backswing the two feet past impact are critical to properly releasing the club along the correct path. The Laser Path Guide will immediately identify any swing flaws associated with impact and beyond and, you will quickly learn how to properly release the golf club, eliminate the slice and groove a repeatable and consistent swing path.

The face angle and swing path at impact are what determine the eventual ball flight be it a draw, fade, slice or pull and, using the Laser Path Guide in conjunction with the Realizer Clubface, you will quickly discover a repeatable, consistent and powerful on-plane golf swing.

game inglove palm

Shaft Palm Line

As the realizer clubface continues around the hand, via the hosel and into the palm, it forms the Shaft Palm Line which, due to the natural extension of the shaft away from the clubface, runs parallel to and along the exact line in which the fingers must grip the club in order to correctly and consistently control the clubface.

All you have to do is align the golf club grip parallel to the Shaft Palm Line and close your hand around the grip and you are achieved perfect connection.

This grip position is well documented in golfing circles but with Game-inglove you will see the correlation in no uncertain terms and, will quickly realize, why you need to grip the club in this position and, why you need to grip the club in the fingers. It’s as though you are gripping the club way down the shaft right at the clubface itself, as though the shaft has been removed.

Need a way to dramatically improve your golf swing? Why choose Game-inglove?

  • Finally groove a repeatable, consistent and powerful golf swing that will stand up under pressure and won’t let you down on the course
  • Eliminate the slice and start drawing the golf ball for power, accuracy and distance
  • Dramatically improve your short game, chipping, pitching and bunker play by learning how to correctly control the clubface through impact
  • Finally feel what it is like to swing like the Pros and understand, like never before, how to de-loft the club at impact, get forward shaft lean and start compressing the golf ball
  • Eliminate the mistakes that ruin 99% of amateur golf swings
  • Understand the connection between the golf glove hand and the clubface and, how to grip the club correctly, for maximum control and distance
  • Get real-time visual feedback and an understanding, like never before, how to gain effortless power and control over the golf ball
  • An affordable, efficient and compact all-encompassing training solution that will dramatically improve your game

First Impressions:

We are going to do a follow up with the Game-InGlove as they complete funding and get a final product ready for market. In the meantime after using the glove both indoors and outdoors I really think the product will find a niche. My initial thoughts were mostly positive. The glove is very high quality with double stitching and a good feel on the hand. The laser is not bright enough for daytime use and from what I have seen on the site it is being improved. I did take swings indoors and found that between the realizer club face and laser path guide I was more aware of my club position on both takeaway and at impact. The shaft palm line is a no brainer and if you are guilty of a faulty grip aligning the grip on the line will pay immediate dividends.

I do have some concerns that are currently being addressed. The $79 price tag might be a bit steep for a training glove despite have a built in laser. My other issue was the product needed some kind of baseline for the swing path. Beginners would not have any way of knowing if they were actually swinging on the correct path. As of this posting a mat has been made to accompany the product as well as an instructional dvd.

I really can’t wait to see the final production version of the product. It would be great to just slip on a glove and be on my way to a perfect repeatable swing.

Game-InGlove is taking preorders on their site HERE.

Written by BP Staff

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