Anna Rawson Gives ‘Sexy’ Golf Tip on the Power Draw

The Sexiest Shots in Golf is what the crew over at Golf Digest has named this series of golf tips and why not?  They utilize not only beautiful, but extremely talented golfers with Anna Rawson and Blair O’Neal.

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Anna Rawson is widely know for her sexy looks, but don’t forget that she can play some golf as well.  She played collegiate golf at the University of Southern California. She was named All-Pac-10 honorable mention in 2001, 2002 and 2004 and joined the LPGA where she had her best year in 2009 making 8 cuts in 18 appearances. 

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In Anna’s latest tip she get’s into hitting a power draw, which I think can actually be useful for many of us golfers.  So let’s break this down and see what Anna is going to teach you.

  1. Strong Grip – A strong grip is essential for hitting a nice draw.  You need to rotate your hands clockwise on the grip, more to the right, making sure your left hand is over the top of the grip.  Your right hand is going to feel like it’s a bit “under” the club.
  2. Tee the Ball Forward – This is where some people get a bit messed up in my opinion.  I have had people tell me to place the ball back in my stance.  Not true.  Just like Anna talks about in the video you need to place the ball forward in your stance to help you hit “up” on the ball at impact for that high draw.
  3. Close Your Stance – What does that even mean?  Anna does a nice job in the video of explaining this, but simply it’s turning your body (right handers) to the right so your left shoulder is pointing at the left side of your desired landing zone. Closing your stance will help you create an inside to out swing path, which will ultimately be what makes your ball fly from right to left.

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