Mizuno JPX EZ Driver Review | Adjusting to the Market

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Mizuno has entered into the adjustable driver market with its JPX EZ driver, so naturally, we had to test it out. I had never hit a Mizuno driver before, so I was excited and had very high expectations based on the praise I’ve heard from friends who own Mizuno clubs.

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The driver is unique in that it was designed with the amateur player in mind rather than the tour player. With 8 different settings available, I was eager to see which one would work best for me.

“Most adjustable drivers start with the tour player as their base point. The JPX-EZ puts the amateur firmly in the middle of its Quick Switch settings. The EZ is a driver designed to launch the ball fast and high with very little spin. Once adjusted, you’ve got a colossal, high launching head with the ability to change the way you see the course.” Richard Delvac, Club Engineer


I personally am a sucker for matte black club heads on my woods and the JPX EZ driver is no exception. Standing over the ball at address, the club has a very simple, clean look with a small Mizuno logo serving as the alignment aid. The black club head also matches beautifully with the black club face, which gives it an up to date modern look.

The bottom of the club is no different with its clean dark look with some orange trim. I personally felt the orange coloring on the club and shaft brought a little pop and style to complete the club’s look. The Mizuno JPX EZ easily passed the eye test and was one of my first no doubters in terms of achieving 5 stars for looks.


The JPX EZ driver has a bit of a heavier feel than I was used to in a driver. It took a few swings to get used to but I noticed how it helped me control the club head through my swing. When hitting the ball square, the feeling at impact was amazing as the ball just launches off the face of the club, which gave me a great sense of confidence right off the bat. I could definitely feel the difference when I mis-hit the ball on the heel or toe, but overall, this club feels great through the ball no matter where you hit it. If I had to nitpick, the sound is a little like that aluminum baseball bat sound, but not too extreme to the point where it draws attention from others on the range.


The main attraction of the JPX EZ driver is the Quick Switch mechanism, which allows you to choose between 8 settings that offer different ball flights and trajectories. I started off with the STD default setting just to get an idea of what the club offers. The first thing I immediately noticed after my first few shots was how the ball exploded off the club face. The ball was flying on each drive with my normal mid-high trajectory and landing with lots of roll as a result of the club’s low and deep weighting system. The JPX EZ also provides amazing forgiveness with its wide club face and whether I mishit the ball on the heel or toe, the ball was still traveling far. Distance is definitely not an issue with this driver.

I made my first adjustment and set the driver to the LOW setting, which promotes a lower ball trajectory with a cutting ball flight. My next few drives were going much lower and straighter, which was expected as I tend to hit draws off the tee. I moved to the other extreme and set the club to the HIGH setting, which promotes a high trajectory with a drawing ball flight. Once again, the ball flight changed and began going much higher, as expected. Although this is Mizuno’s first crack at an adjustable driver, they’ve been able to give the player a clear sense of flexibility with this club.


Plain and simple, Mizuno has hit a home run with this adjustable driver. It is long and forgiving and its Quick Switch allows any golfer to adjust the club to their own personal settings to optimize distance and accuracy off the tee.


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