Mizuno JPX EZ Fairway 3-Wood Review| EZ Does It

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The Mizuno JPX EZ family of woods is slowly creeping up the ranks of favorite clubs to hit amongst amateur golfers.  The reason being, they are easy to hit.  We are testing the entire family of JPX EZ woods and have been impressed so far.  Don’t forget to check out our Mizuno JPX EZ Driver Review.

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Much like the JPX EZ Driver, the woods are carrying the same technology, but the question is if it can keep up with it’s daddy driver.


  • HOT METAL Face Design:
  • Large 192 cc deep clubhead
  • Deeper face
  • Flex Face Design
  • Harmonic Impact Technology

The HOT METAL Face Design has an ultra think 1770 maraging steel face for a solid feel and distance.  The large 192 cc deep clubhead is to give you some confidence for an aggressive swing.   Mizuno Golf introduces the Flex Face Design for a bigger rebound area for an enhanced trampoline effect off the face.

Mizuno JPX EZ Fairway Wood Specs


I like the matte black finish on drivers and for 3-woods it is no different. The matte finish doesn’t produce any unwanted glare, which gives you a consistent look at address. Additionally, the large head has a deep face which gives you a “can’t miss” feeling at address.  Much like the rest of the JPX EX family, the club features the orange trim, which I’m assuming all Cincinnati Bengal fans will like.

JPZ EZ Wood Address

I currently play a Titleist wood and I think the face sets up more shut at address. As you know, this could throw you off in the beginning so stay aware of this when trying this club out. If your miss is a cut like me, the more closed face actually could make you more comfortable when setting up.



The JPX EZ 3 wood has what I would describe as a springboard feel. When you connect, you can feel the ball jump off of the face. The feeling is further amplified by the sound, which is similar to that of an aluminum baseball bat. Who doesn’t like hitting home runs?

On mis-hits, this club is very forgiving. You will notice the difference in feel for an off-center hit, but it is not as apparent as some other clubs. I know some of you will like this about the club and some of you will not.

Overall, I’d say this club has a very solid feel. The flush shots feel great, and the mishits still feel good.

Thoughts from our Friend Mark Crossfield




On flush shots, this club performs extremely well. What sets it apart though is the performance on off center shots. On the many off center shots I had, I found that this club would still produce the backspin I needed to get the loft on my shots with minimal yardage loss. It was nice to get the yardage without trying to hit tour quality shots all the time.

Another thing worth noting was the dispersion. I was surprised to see that I was reduced to a one way miss, and that my balls were ending up within 20 yards of each other. I already mentioned the distance was consistent as well.  I can comfortably say that this 3-wood performs as well as any on the market in terms of distance and forgiveness.



As with the driver, I think Mizuno is on the right track with this 3 wood. I am excited to play this, and also to see what else Mizuno will come out with in the future. I have to admit that I’m reporting back and highly recommending this for many of my golf buddies looking to challenge those long Par 5s.

Written by BP Staff

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