Mizuno JPX Wedge Review: Making Wedge Play Easier

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All wedges are the same right?  They are all just a hunk of metal formed in a wedge shape with a higher loft than all the other clubs right?   We all know better than that.  Wedge technology has changed over the years and Mizuno Golf is charging to the top of the field when it comes to wedges.  In this review we will be discussing the Mizuno JPX Wedges.  Before jumping into my thoughts I wanted to give you a quick breakdown of the technology Mizuno put into the JPX Wedges.


  • QUAD CUT Groove: Maximizes 4 dimensions within new R&A / USGA guidelines.
  • Loft specific grooves: Wider shallower grooves on high lofts, deep narrow grooves on lower lofts.
  • Smooth cambered sole: More effective bounce for ease of use.
  • CNC Milled face: Added friction for max spin in shorter pitch shots.
  • Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT): Engineered for solid, pure feel.
  • Black Ni finish: Reduces glare from lofted face.
  • Multiple lofts/bounces: Fit seamlessly into any set make-up.

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Mizuno Golf is know for having some of the best looking golf clubs on the market and the JPX Wedge falls right in line.  With beautiful lines it impresses upon first look.  It has a sleek look along with a shiny smoked black outer layer.  The Mizuno stamping is classic, clean and looks extremely sharp.  The back of the club has a dark stripe along with a white siding that almost looks snake skin like when you look closely.  At address the top line is slightly thicker than some other wedges out there.  I currently have the Mizuno JPX-EZ Irons in my bag and the top line of those irons are a bit thicker than this wedge.   If you look closely you can see the Quad Cut Grooves on the face of the JPX Wedge.

Regarding looks, the only thing that might turn people off is that it’s a rather large wedge.  I didn’t mind it so much but I can see how some higher level golfers might not like that look.

The JPX Wedges come in a variety of loft/bounces so you are going to be able to find what you are looking for.

Specs for Mizuno JPX Wedges



The JPX wedges are a very nice feeling golf club.  It was smooth at impact and I felt little to no vibration at impact and I could almost feel the ball morphing into the grooves of the club.  I have hit some other forged Mizuno wedges in the past and I got the same solid feel.  It comes standard with the Mizuno M-31 grips, which are quality, but if you want more options, Mizuno offers an insane amount of grips you can customize you wedge with including grips from Lamkin, Golf Pride and Winn.


The first thing I want to talk about here is the Quad Cut Grooves the Mizuno JPX wedges have.  The grooves are loft specific that are wider and shallow on higher lofts and deeper and narrow on lower lofts as you can see from the graphic below.

Mizuno JPX Wedge Quad Cut Grooves
Mizuno JPX Wedge Quad Cut Grooves

When hitting a soft, high performing golf ball is when I really noticed the Quad Cut Grooves.  The grooves were creating a ton of spin.  I happened to be hitting the new Jack Nicklaus Black golf balls during my testing of the JPX wedges and I was getting an insane amount of spin on approach shots.

Playability/Distance – I’m not much for working my balls as I’m a “straight” hitter, but my natural shot is a baby fade, which I can hit every time.  So when testing I will hit several straight shots, followed by fades to test workability/playability.  I had no issues with the JPX wedge and I could could do both easily.  I could get it up high or come in low with a lot of back spin as well.  So plenty of workability and playability.  As far as distance goes it was pretty standard.  I didn’t notice any super powers when hitting for distance.

Luke Donald – Team Mizuno Golfer Swing

What I noticed the most was the amount of forgiveness.  With it being a slightly larger wedge face than others on the market, the Mizuno JPX wedge was crazy forgiving.  Missed toe and heel hits were barely noticeable.

Play from the rough was exceptional in my opinion.  I played at San Dimas Canyon Golf Course and on that particular day the rough wasn’t too high, but it wasn’t short either.  I was able to cut through the rough easily to make solid contact with the ball.  I only hit the JPX wedge in the sand a couple times as the club I was testing was a 50 degree.  But it performed just fine with the couple hits I did take.

Final Thoughts:

The overall play of the Mizuno JPX wedges is outstanding.  I get that some players might not like the larger head, but if you can get passed that you will enjoy how this club performs.  With lots of forgiveness, decent distance and playability I would highly recommend the JPX wedges.  Oh and don’t forget how good they look.

With a price point of $99.99 at most retailers, it’s a great deal.

For more information check out the JPX wedges HERE.

Written by BP Staff

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