Trust-Tee Review: Reducing Hooks and Slices

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These past few days I had the chance to test the Trust Tee golf tee. We all want to shoot better scores, and every day we are told that the best way to do so is to work on our short game. Well, that’s very true, but more so to the player who is trying to hone in and work on smaller details of their game. For everyone else though, the best way to help lower their score is to keep the ball in play and set themselves up for an easy approach shot. What that means is that one MUST hit fairways; lots of them.

It’s a fact; most of us are not out on the range every day practicing or playing several rounds per week. We all have our faults that haunt us and we wish we had more time to work on them; most specifically, getting out of the tee box. Piping the ball down the middle every time is maybe a little bit out of reach, but putting that ball 270 yards out anywhere in the fairway is something nobody can complain about. It’s true, nobody is perfect. Some of us turn fades into slices and draws into hooks. Some go through several balls per round and lose them in water, up in trees or nearby chimneys. On a good day, we play half a round from the wrong fairway or under trees. If this is you, and you want to gain control of your shots, then the Trust-Tee might be the answer.


The Trust-Tee is more of a game enhancer rather than a training aid. If some players take advantage of playing more forgiving irons, who says you can’t take advantage of a more forgiving tee? This Canadian made product is a new release for 2014. It claims to reduce a hook or a slice by 10-15 yards. This product was created by Gerry Breton, who is a construction entrepreneur with great knowledge in planning and design. Best of all, Mr. Breton is a passionate golfer and an out-of-the-box thinker determined to create a product that would solve the common problem of hitting it crooked. His product went through a decade of development and patent design, so it is fair to say that the Trust-Tee is not a gimmick.

Trust Tee helps you from slicing and hooking your tee shots


The tee is designed to counteract the effect of imparting sidespin to the golf ball. It does this by shifting the center axis of the ball to one side or the other, depending on which shot shape you’re trying to correct. For example, if you slice chances you are hitting the outside of the ball with an out-to-in swing path. With the tee shifting the center axis of the ball, it is as if you hit the inside quadrant of the ball, hence helping in reducing sidespin. The trust-tee is made in the shape of a spike that makes it easy to stick into the ground. It is made out of a durable composite material, so it won’t break on the first drive. The tees come is several bright colors which are easy to see on the grass. Overall, it has a classic look; simple and practical.


I first tested the tee out on the range to get myself familiar with it. I hit about 20 drives and took it very easy. Lately, I’ve been hitting the driver OK at the course; 7-9 fairways in one round. My common miss is a slice, so I knew this test had a purpose. To keep the test fair, I would hit one ball with the Trust-Tee followed by a drive with a regular tee. My shots followed my usual pattern for the most part, interestingly enough; three of my mishits happened with regulars tees and were slices. I had two mishits with the trust-tee, which one of them was a straight pull to the left. I then took my game from the range to the course for an evening round. I noticed that I was playing a fade for the most part. I hit 10 fairways. The tee was easy to spot on the grass and I had zero problems with it. One thing I noticed is that the tee will take a beating. After three rounds and two range sessions, the tee was left with a few dent marks and a small crack, but stayed functional. Although, I certainly don’t think that these tees will do magic for the golfer who is smashing the ball all over the course, I feel they will help the golfer who has a solid stroke but is struggling with a fade or a hook.  It definitely didn’t turn my fade into a draw, but it helped me be a little bit more consistent. I didn’t have any flyers nor did I end up on the wrong fairway. I had a pretty good day.


Overall, I feel that this product will help the player who is looking for a little more consistency and feel more confident off the tee. No product will ever replace practice or a good lesson though. The tee is not magical, if you have a severe out-to-in swing path, this tee will not do much for you. It is still possible to slice or hook. If you’re a pretty good player and looking to hit 1 or 2 more fairways in one round, you might want to take a look at this product.

Four tees cost just $9.99 and it comes with free shipping and handling and no taxes.  You can purchase them HERE.

Written by BP Staff

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