Golf Shirts by Antigua That Have Life Outside the Course

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Last year, I found myself surfing Netflix and I finally came across a movie all my friends were telling me watch – Jiro Loves Sushi. I was ridiculously bored and thought I’d queue it up to see what all the hype was about. For the next two hours, I learned about a man and his devotion to perfecting his craft, not being overly-ambitious, but instead, just focusing on being the best at one particular thing.

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Similar qualities can be said about Antigua, the 35 year old company that has stuck to making some of the best golf apparel in the industry. Don’t let the conservative branding of their company make you think that they’re old and behind the times. Focusing on providing players with the most comfortable apparel they can design, Antigua has recently switched to an all synthetic, moisture wicking material that should keep you cool, dry & free to swing on the hottest of summer days.

We tried on 3 different lines of their golf polo shirts while playing a round of July golf in Southern California.

  • Antigua Legacy White/Multi
  • Antigua Rush Light Apple/White
  • Antigua Icon Surf/White

I changed my attire after every 6 holes to ensure that they got an equal amount of my sweat. Nothing is too difficult when I’m doing these apparel reviews.


You’re not going to be finding Ricky Fowler wearing Antigua shirts any time soon, but since you’re most likely not a professional PGA player seeking attention and sponsors while riding around on dirt bikes, you’re going to be just fine.

The looks of the Legacy line really are great, where they are something you can wear to the office or on casual fridays. Most of your co-workers won’t even think twice when they look at your polo, where I had one person think it was something from Banana Republic. The other two definitely feel more sporty, so it’s probably not something you want to be sporting too much outside of the course unless your line of work can make it work.


These Antigua polos definitely rival some of the best sweat wicking shirts I have worn to date. They have a tremendous balance of weight and material that makes you feel like you’re wearing a solid piece of clothing without the suffocating feeling of traditional cotton polos. The comfort is so on point that I’ve worn these into the office for a very relaxing day of work.

There’s actually one part of the Antigua polos I like the most and those would be the collars. You see, I pretty much have a closet full of Nike Dri-Fit polos given to me by family and friends over the years, so I’m using them as a sort of baseline here. In some of the recent polos from Beaverton, the materials are still amazing, but the collar felt more like a piece of wax paper, which didn’t give me a sense of quality and that is where Antigua really gives me that confidence to wear it to the office. The collar is on par with some polos you would find at your local Banana Republic, JCrew or Ralph Lauren stores.

This is definitely a me thing, but take that for what it’s worth in terms of feel.


Look, I’m not going to tell you that Antigua made my polo in a way where I can wind up my swing like a rubber band to unleash hell on my drives. No, that would be stupid. BUT, I will tell you that I had a very comfortable round of golf, even though it was in the mid-90s during our round of golf. I was sweating, but on my backswing, the polo wasn’t sticky and restricting my swing in any way.

This is where the Icon and Rush line really shined as the silky smooth layer of the shirts really gave a free-flowing feel to my swing.

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I’m really liking the combination of materials and style of the Legacy line. Some would say “conservative,” but I like to use the word “versatile.” Since my round of golf, my wife has definitely picked my Antigua White Legacy polo as one of her favorites when going out to BBQs or parties with friends. For my rounds of golf, my Antigua polos are definitely getting into the rotation as well.

The main critique I would have is the selection. If I were them, I’d send a designer on a R&D trip to other stores, malls, beaches, BBQs and see what kind of styles men are wearing outside of the golf course. In today’s tough economy, I’m sure the every day man would appreciate being able to buy a few tops they can wear on the course, at the office and even their wife’s friend’s kid’s 5th birthday party.

What do you look for in golf tops?

Written by Gary Lee

Founder of Bunkers Paradise, Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend and Golfer. Twitter @MrGaryLee |

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