How to Hit the Perfect Flop Shot for a Fun Round of Golf

Flop Shots – We asked what golf tips you were in wanted to learn and  we listened.

One of the most requested golf tip was how to hit the perfect flop shot. This is one of my favorite shots in all of golf. It’s that shot that you throw up to the heavens and land it softly like a pillow right next to the pin…or in the hole. One of the most famous golfers that is a “Master Flop Shot Executor’ is Freddie Couples. His approach, set-up and execution is like watching a masterpiece in motion.

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We all can’t play like Couples (darn), but we can come close. Allow me to share a few quick tips to get you on your way to the perfect flop shot.

Steps to Executing a Flop Shot

1. Clubface , Set up , Grip and Stance

Flop Shot Clubface and Stance

Make sure you aim the clubface at your intended target. I use the longest groove on the face as my guide to be sure I am square to the target. Once you have done this, open your stance (right-handed players will have their feet, knees, hips and shoulders left of the target; left-handed players you will have your feet, knees, hips and shoulders to the right of the target).

Flop Shot Grip

One thing that will really assist you on this shot is allowing your hands to grip the club with it open. In other words, if you were to look down with a normal grip, the face will be open yet you have your normal grip on the club.

Now you will want to narrow your stance slightly…just a little. This will enable you to execute the necessary swing plane for this soft delicate shot.

3. Ball Position

Where the ball is placed in your stance is crucial to a successful flop shot execution. You will want to place the ball towards the inside of your left heel (right-handed players). This gives you a sense of feeling open to the intended target line. This will also allow you to ‘catch’ the ball when you are slightly coming up in the swing (don’t worry about thinking of this…it is just a feeling that you may have at address).

4. The Swing

It is time to take a swing and watch the ball sail high and float like a butterfly…but not sting like a bee!

During the take-away, you will want to take the club back with a little steeper swing than normal and then accelerate underneath the ball like you are scooping it and then finish your swing with a slightly open clubface (this will actually happen automatically) and high.

The swing you are taking will be along the plane of the feet, needs, hips and shoulders which is left of the target (right-handers) while the clubface remains open and more at the target.

Please remember to follow-through. Stopping just after the ball will give you a more abrupt smash factor as the ball sails faster and not so soft.

Final Thoughts

What I have shared above is for a nice fairly flat lie. In the instance you have a more difficult lie (downhill, uphill or sidehill) you may need to take a little wider stance to maintain your balance.

While growing up, I used to use the back stop behind home plate at our local park and see how close I could get to it and still hit a flop shot over it. It was fun and a great way to practice!

Give this a try and let us know at Bunkers Paradise how it works for you.

Remember to ask us by leaving a comment below, joining our fast growing Facebook & Twitter Page and we will answer. Thank you.


Written by BP Staff

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