Wilson Golf Delivers on Throwback Thursday: 8802 Putter is Back!

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Just in time for 4th of July, Wilson Golf is bringing back an American Classic, the 8802 putter.  Talk about your Throwback Thursdays!  In the 1960’s the Wilson 8802 putters were used by some of the game’s all time greats and now in 2014 to celebrate their 100 year anniversary they are brining back this classic.

A fun video of “Little Ben”

Hot off the Press from Wilson HQ:

CHICAGO, July 1, 2014 – Few golf club designs generate as much nostalgia and history
as the Wilson Staff 8802 putter. The original was conceived by a golf legend in 1962 while
on the brand’s advisory staff. After capturing its first major shortly thereafter, the 8802
continued to be gamed by some of golf’s all-time greats.

Over time, it became imitated by other manufacturers, but the industry rightfully credits
Wilson Staff for its innovation. To honor this success within the brand’s centennial
celebration, Wilson Staff delicately crafted a retooled version of the iconic putter.

Designed with the same timeless, heel-shafted head shape, the new head weight (335
grams) complements today’s green speeds and ball construction. Unlike the original’s
smooth metal face, this one is milled from 304 stainless steel for ultimate feel with a
double-milled facing for true roll.

The True Temper Head Speed shaft is stepless and fluted for outstanding feel with a flared tip design that melts into the hosel. The gold paint fill logo on the sole paired with the old-fashioned red Lamkin 3GEN smooth pistol grip commemorate Wilson’s centennial anniversary. Lamkin’s softest synthetic rubber compound reduces vibration without dulling the feel of the putt.

Finishing it off is a vintage red, white and gold logo’d head cover that perfectly complements the vintage design.

MAP: $179.99

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