Golf Tips: Is Your Backswing Too Flat?

Mark Crossfield is a dear friend of Bunkers Paradise and an exceptional golf instructor. I thoroughly enjoy all his videos to help golfers improve their games from addressing the ball to a completed swing.

Today, I have the opportunity to breakdown the video Mark Crossfield has shared with us helping a young golfer improve the path of his swing. At the moment, the young golfer finds his swing a bit too flat to start therefore redirecting it to a not so good pathway through the ball.

Mark does an excellent job of setting up the ‘flat swing’ and creating a better impact position and follow through. Take a look at the video and I’ll help break it down a bit while giving a few tips along the way.

Mark Crossfield ‘Is Your Backswing Too Flat?’

Behind the Video

Mark and his friend, Steve, set the video up perfectly. It is really cool how a player can send in their swing question via an App and get the answer they seek. This makes for a great seamless way to work with a coach who is miles away.

Together Mark and Steve take us on a short journey understanding the what’s and why’s behind the question if a swing is too flat before they ‘show us’. This is key to having a greater understanding and improved confidence in what you are viewing.

What is even more impressive is that Steve can recreate the golfers question via the App with Mark’s direction. Spot on!

The Swing

One thing to note and Mark is clear with this observation, the player needs to have a solid set up in order to execute a solid swing. In other words, if the player’s set up is not athletic and balanced, there is more chance for a change in swing planes on take-away, impact and follow-through.

I also agree with Mark that one must focus more on the impact position and follow-through than worry about the take away. If we get all caught up in the back swing, we can get ourselves ‘stuck’ and unable to get a nice flowing transition at the top and through the hitting area.

Mark Crossfield Flat Swing 1

The device that Mark is using on the ground provides feedback that demonstrates the reality of where the club is at impact. He was able to see that the player needs to focus more on the downswing ‘path’ into the ball. We will all have more success if we simply allow for the back-swing to occur (within reason) and move our attention more on dropping the club into a nice pathway-position into the ball. This in itself will make the appropriate adjustment of swinging more down the line vs. left of the target line.

Mark Crossfield 2

Overall Thoughts

Mark Crossfield has an amazing way of showing us all through his “Ask the Guru’ App/Online teaching just how to hit a solid shot on the course.

Allow me to reiterate with Mark that this particular question around ‘Do I have too flat of a swing?’. The answer lies with your impact position and follow through. I have been told many many times that my swing is too flat. Everyone is built differently and has a unique  overall swing. Even with my so-called ‘flat swing’ I have done well because of my transition in the downswing,  my solid impact position and follow-through.

Let us put this more in perspective. Have you noticed the back swings of Annika Sorenstam, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Tiger Woods, Lydia Ko, Michele Wie, Bubba Watson and Ricky Fowler? Not one of them has the exact same take-away (some are ‘more flat’ or even ‘more up-right’ that others). However, every one of them has a very repeatable and similar downswing, impact position and follow-through. Bottom line: they are more concerned when working with their coaches to have a square impact position and follow-through down the target line.

I agree with Mark here on his message that if you have a reasonable back-swing, but your ball striking is all over the board, then look more to your downswing and impact area along with your follow-through. If you work on these areas, your so-called ‘flat back-swing’ will be a non issue and you will have greater success on the course.

Let us know at Bunkers Paradise your thoughts on this tip and please don’t hesitate to let us know what tip you seek help on so we can get your confidence back in sync.

‘keep smiling and always believe’

Written by BP Staff


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