Footjoy DNA Golf Shoe Review

By now we have all heard about FootJoy’s new golf shoe (if you haven’t then you are probably the only golfer who hasn’t :D). The D.N.A, which stands for DryJoy Next Advancement, is a high tech golf shoe that has a press release that is about as long as a few doctoral disortations. So let me get down to business and let you know about how this shoe feels and performs.


Straight out of the box, these are some of the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn. I have been in search of the perfect walking golf shoe and I have to say that this comes as close as anything I have yet found. This shoe feels like your feet are getting a soft hug while walking on the moon. Haha. The insole provides a lot of arc support while managing to have plenty of cushion. The tongue is very comfortable and seems to conform to the top of you foot. The heel cup holds onto your heel and prevents any sort of slipping or rubbing. I have to say that FJ nailed it in the comfort department. I usually wear either a 10 or 10.5 depending on the shoe. The size 10 fits me great. These shoes seem to run a bit narrower, but they are offered in Wide for anyone in need of a slightly wider shoe.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 4.10.41 PM



Looks are subjective, however, I think this shoe will appeal to a wide variety of golfers. It definitely will appeal to the guys with a more modern sensibility, but it still manages to look fairly classic. It somehow is able to bring together both world seamlessly. One aspect of these shoes that I find really appealing is that they look equally good with pants as they do with shorts. That is a hard thing to do most of the time. FJ has provided these in various accent colors to give the golfer just what they are looking for.


It is all good if something looks and feels good, but if it doesn’t perform, then it is basically useless. The great news is that these perform expertly. I have walked several rounds with these and even multiple rounds in a day and these hold up. They provide plenty of traction to hold up to even the biggest golf swings, all while providing your feet with the support and cushion they need to be comfortable all day. The DNAs are not the lightest shoes ever, but they are plenty light and I never once felt like they were weighing me down.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 4.08.50 PM


FootJoy has hit a homerun with the DNAs. From any way you look at it, this is a great pair of golf shoes.



When you can say that a golf shoe feels like youre walking on the moon, enough said.


The ability to appeal to both a classic and modern eye makes these shoes stand out.


The biggest complement I can give these is that they will be on my feet when I am doing my Hundred Hole Hike and walking 100 golf holes in a day.

By Stephen Davis

Written by BP Staff


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