Cobra Bio Cell+ Driver Guest Review: Most Elusive Driver of 2014

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Despite the praise of the Cobra Bio Cell+ Driver in Golf Digest’s 2014 Hotlist (Gold winner), you’d be hard-pressed to find one of these gorgeous beauties out on the course. Sure, I know the bold color schemes may cast a few potential buyers aside, but please, I beg of you…hit it. Before I get into the review of the Cobra Bio Cell+ Driver and the +’s and minuses (see what I did there…), let’s take a look at what Cobra has packed into these multicolor cannons.

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It comes in not one, not two but FIVE distinct color schemes –

It offers a TON of tech packed into its 440cc head –

Forged E9™ BiO CELL Face

New BiO CELL pockets combined with E9 Face technology removes weight from the face to deliver a larger effective Sweet Zone™ with faster ball speeds for longer and straighter drives – especially on off-center hits.

MyFLY8 with SmartPad™ Technology

Eight adjustable loft settings to maximize distance and manage trajectory for any course condition and any swing.
ULTRALITE T.O.P. Technology
(Thin, Optimized, Personalized)

Lightweight Venollum™ alloy crown reduces weight vs ‘all titanium’ drivers to deliver a lower CG for a higher ball flight with lower back spin for longer distance.

Loft/Trajectory Settings
Swing Weight
BiO CELL+ Driver
8.0° / 8.5° / 8.5° Draw / 9.5° / 9.5° Draw / 10.5° / 10.5° Draw / 11.0°
X, S, R

The stock shaft for the BiO Cell+ driver is a ‘real deal’ Matrix Ozik 6Q3 Red Tie in a white paint scheme to match the white on the head of the club; fits very well off the shelf for most golfers. 

Now – into the good stuff:

Before I go into drool mode, I have to caveat this with an asterisk.

*After having an SLDR, R1, Razr Fit Xtreme and an Adams Super Speedline LS (maybe a few more to the list as well); this driver has knocked…I mean, blown them all out of the water.

With all the talk of low spin, high launch going around, the guys (and ladies) over at Cobra Golf have found themselves a winner, and a silent one at that. So what gives? Cobra, I ask of you, why can the golfer not find your clubs anywhere? Seriously, it took going to a third party to pick one of these up because they are VERY hard to find in stores. I digress –

The performance of this driver is phenomenal. Let’s break this down into observations of using this driver on the range and multiple rounds on course.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 3.39.40 PM


We’ve all heard the tin can drivers of old (sometimes a few holes away), and the majority of us who aren’t deaf don’t really care for that sound. I could lie to you and tell you it sounds like a church mouse…but I won’t. It CAN be loud…if you hit Top Flite rocks or some range balls. However, if you use any mid to premium level ball have no fear, your ears will be just fine.


This driver lets you know when you’ve hit an absolute bomb or if you miss it out on the toe or the heel. Middle of the face shots feel like hitting a buttery marshmallow while hitting on the toe or heel will give a distinctly different feel but still not overly harsh.


Cobra got the looks right, even if it is a bit funky. The white outline of the topline makes the club actually look a bit larger than it is, which could inspire some confidence if you needed it. The colors are bold and seem to ‘pop’ when set against the black face on the driver. Paired with the white painted Red Tie, the driver looks fantastic.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 3.32.21 PM


This category is where the driver (in my opinion) will turn heads. I have a tendency to be a high-spin player, so finding a good head/shaft combination isn’t easy. Right off the rack, the BiO Cell+ was 10-15 yards longer than my fitted R1. Let me say that again, the off the rack BiO Cell+ was waiving “see ya” as if flew past the driver I just paid top dollar for…and was $200 cheaper. Despite being a 440cc head, the forgiveness across the face is not to be ignored. The E9 face technology allows for players who have a toe miss (or a low heel miss) to get very good results even with a poor strike. Not only are the misses good, but on-center strikes long…VERY long. It’s not often you find a low-spinning head with a great shaft pairing right off the rack (see: SLDR); but Cobra nailed it.


One of the most forgiving and long drivers when it comes to the ‘Players’ driver category. A must-try if you can find one in stores.

Now for the Cons/Minuses of this cannon –

– Supplies in most retail stores are limited
– Shaft options (should you need any others) are very limited to try in-store due to limited quantities
– Your friends will want to steal it

About the Author:

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Hey guys (and ladies), Gio here. I am currently an amateur golfer (0.8 handicap) working a 9-5, who is passionate about all aspects in the game of golf. I will do anything I can for my friends/family if they need me, including my friends and fellow members of BunkersParadise. My goals for the coming year are to get to a plus handicap, participate in some NJSGA/MET amateur events.

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