Marc Pro Guest Review: By Sean Rivers

What do the following have in common?  The New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Broncos, St. Louis Blues and myself. Marc Pro We all use the best recovery tool on the market. If you have never have heard about the Marc Pro before you better be ready to get on board or be left in the dust with sore muscles and slower recovery times.

As a former college athlete that had to endure 5 knee surgeries I felt like the physical therapist was my second home. (Really wasn’t bad since I got to pick the owners fantasy football picks and ride the bike like Lance “F-in” Armstrong) but if you have ever have been to PT you might have had some electrodes placed on your body to help with muscle atrophy and recovery. This electric stimulation therapy for myself was one of the key components in getting back my strength with multiple recoveries.

After college I have always wanted to have a personal stimulation machine to help with quicker recovery from golf and gym sessions. Trying a handful of different products over the years I was never impressed until I found the Marc Pro. In my mind is one of the best products on the market.

So get yourself ready to hear my take on this great product while I am literally using it while I type this after a killer shoulder workout tonight.


How Marc Pro® Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Works:

The Marc Pro is intended for muscle conditioning by stimulating muscle in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance. The Marc Pro is not intended to be used for therapy or treatment of medical diseases or medical conditions.

How Can the Marc Pro Help You?:

Recover Faster…

  • Reduce muscle fatigue or soreness
  • Get back to training or playing sooner
  • Train or play more often
  • Less likely to quit or postpone exercise programs

Recover Fully Without Yesterday’s Fatigue You Will…

  • Maintain proper biomechanics
  • Perform better
  • Lessen the likelihood of injury

Maximize Training Results During resistance exercise you break muscles down; the strengthening and improvement happens afterwards during the recovery/remodeling process.

  • If you improve the recovery process you get more gains from the resistance training that you are already doing

Help Prevent Injury From pro athletes, to recreational athletes to urban athletes (computer work, etc) over-use causes the majority of injuries

  • Over-used is really the same as under-recovered
  • If you can’t or don’t want to do less then you need to recover more to help prevent over-use injury

Improved Conditioning and Performance Using Marc Pro regularly will condition muscles by improving the capacity of your vascular system; without any drugs or side effects…

  • More vessels means your body can deliver more oxygenated blood; therefore, muscles can do more, last longer, and perform better
  •  Targeting specific areas or weak links is extremely easy with Marc Pro
  • Conditioning sessions when exercise is not possible (downtime) can help prevent regression
  • Conditioning makes it easier to begin or complete exercise programs or other desired activities

How the Marc Pro Helps Muscle Recovery?:

The basis for post exercise recovery is the normalization of tissue through the movement of nourishment and waste. Marc Pro is specifically designed and excels at this particular task. The Marc Pro muscle conditioning device creates unique, strong, but completely non-fatiguing muscle contractions that set off a cascading series of physiologic events. We call this a Muscle Activated Recovery Cascade, or “MARC™” for short.

The process begins with the activation of Nitric Oxide (NO), which dilates blood vessels and leads to increased flow delivering more oxygenated blood and nutrients to the area. The lymphatic and venous systems also require and benefit from localized muscle activity. Because of this, using the Marc Pro after physical activity helps move the related waste and deoxygenated blood away from the fatigued area(s). This exchange of nourishment and waste, without stress or fatigue, accelerates the recovery of the muscle.


Want a muscle stimulation machine that is compact but powerful enough to give real results? Look no further than the Marc Pro in its clean green, black and grey colorway with white electrode pads with controls that anyone could figure out how to use. The Marc Pro unit comes with everything you would need in a handy carrying case that I can take with myself on trips or to the office.

Don’t let this lightweight machine fool you thinking it doesn’t have power. I’m pretty sure the Hulk uses this machine to faster recovery after destroying alien ships with the Avengers or smashing buildings. I give the overall look a 10/10.

I believe the Marc Pro’s middle name could be performance because this device delivers high quality performance that kills off your muscle fatigue and makes you ready to go in no time. So don’t be afraid to push yourself in the gym on those last few reps because after slapping on this bad boy it will make everything better the next day. (#Gymtip is use the Marc Pro after leg day and will help you curve the dreaded 2nd day leg day pain!) Also I have been seeing great results with dealing with a shoulder bursitis since I refuse to get another cortisone shot.

When swinging a golf club over 120 mph I know I personally get a sore lower back from all that torque I am putting on my body and my go to now is having this in the car ready to go once I finish a round on the course. In no time, I am ready to go and wish this product was around in college because I would have loved it after playing collegiate golf. The first day was 36 holes, followed by 18 the second day. If there was less muscle fatigue would have helped not letting off the gas from being too sore.

I believe not only every golfer but snowboarder, biker, hardcore weight lifter etc. will see huge benefits from this amazing product. I give the overall performance score a 10/10.

What! Perfect score! I am shocked too because the only other product I have ever given a perfect score when writing reviews is the Mizuno MP-64 irons. Still the best irons in the world in my opinion.


The Marc Pro deserves a perfect score because its an amazing product that I believe more people need to not only find out about this product but try it for themselves and see how it can help their overall health and wellness.  Don’t be afraid of the price tag because this is not a gimmick. Simply put…. Marc Pro delivers and would be surprised if you find anything that is better on the market.

By Sean Rivers

Written by BP Staff


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