GolfMatch App Review: Your Ideal Round Everytime

Even as golf continues to evolve each day, we still face the same issues that have led to the need for innovation. Every golfer wants something different out of their round, so why is there still so much randomness in golf when the world has never been more connected through social media? Every golfer, whether experienced or just out to have fun, has that one thing they look forward to when they have free time away from their busy lives. That is getting out to the course, teeing it up with their friends, and having the best moments of their week. But when your buddies bail on you and all you want to do is play, you’re faced with only one option, to go out as a single. It’s not ideal but golfers do it all the time and just join up with anyone they can. What if there was a better option…

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Well in the modern day of smart phones and other technological advances, three friends have come together and quite possibly have put an end to rounds gone badly. It all began when the co-founder and CEO, Peter Kratsios made a dash for the train on a rainy day in Long Island, NY. It was on that very train ride that Kratsios met up with fellow co-founder Jessica Brondo. Kratsios ran some ideas by Brondo about his goals on making the app. They agreed to meet at a bar and further discuss the idea of the app in its entirety. It was there that they found their fellow co-founder and CTO, Julio Rivera. Rivera was working on the Priceline app at the time but had an interest in golf and wanted to pursue a career in it. When he was pitched the idea of the app, Rivera shortly resigned from his position with Priceline and made a full commitment to the GolfMatch app.

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For the CEO it’s not all about business. Kratsios first picked up the game as the only person in his family while he was in the 8th grade. He rented a driver at a local driving range and after 1 hour was hooked. Kratsios actually became the very first Eagle level mentor within the First Tee organization. In high school Kratsios qualified three times for the state championship, and later played at Gettysburg college where he was all conference his freshman year.

The team combined Julio’s app development expertise, Peter’s digital advertising experience, and Jessica’s history of building successful startups to grow the game of golf by focusing on the actual golfing experience. The initiative is tech driven to match golfers with different skills, availability, and similar interests, at the courses they wish to play. The app also drives exposure to courses, and allows golfers to track their favorite courses, as well as give them a rating. It is essentially killing 2 birds with 1 stone. It creates a better experience with golfers while driving awareness to courses. Golfers can play where they want, when they want, and within their price range, all through technology. You’re essentially giving yourself a better chance of having an ideal golfing experience, every time. GolfMatch app has built a very large community through social media, specifically Instagram. For the staff at GolfMatch app, it’s all about growing the game of golf. They are a truly dedicated and passionate group of avid and beginner golfers who want to better everyone’s golfing experience. PGA Tour Superstore has been very supportive of GolfMatch to create a better game on and off the course. GolfMatch has also partnered with Shipsticks to help travelers find the golfers and courses that are right for them while on vacation.

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In my opinion GolfMatch app hit a grand slam with the entire concept of bringing golfers together through technology. It is very simple, yet so effective in getting the job done. No longer should you have to play with golfers who are not a good fit for you. GolfMatch app is the future in creating golfing friendships and larger networks. You can download GolfMatch for free on the Apple App Store. For more information visit them at and also check them out on Instagram/Twitter: @Golfmatchapp

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