Snap-Hookz Golf: No Brainer Golf Accessory for Golf Bag

We’ve all been there…were is my glove, my phone, my GPS Rangefinder, my towel, by water bottle? On the course we find ourselves with the things we need to most in every pocket of the bag or all over the golf cart. Now you can have everything at your fingertips and not be searching on hole 5 for the rangefinder you just placed a few moments ago in the ‘I won’t forget I put it here’ place. Snap-Hookz Golf steps up and gives us a one convenient place to hang your accessories right on your golf bag. A place where everything is located at your fingertips. Bunkers Paradise had a chance to check out this unique product from Snap-Hookz Golf and give it a real test to see how it stacks up to…well there is nothing else out there…so how it works and if it meets the Kate Hughes Challenge.

The First Snap-Hookz was made because I needed a more convenient place to hang my accessories on my new golf bag. I looked at the bag and felt it would be convenient to use an existing, underutilized part of the golf bag. I chose the rain hood snaps for that reason, they were already there and golfers rarely use them ~ Derek Queener, Owner Snap-Hookz Golf

I took Snap-Hookz out for a tough test over a week of playing multiple days of golf and here is my take. What a clever invention to have everything right where you need it.


  • Snap-Hookz Golf product giver you multiple places to attach: golf towel, golf club brush, golf gloves, range finders…etc.
  • Endless color combinations possibilities with ability to ‘create your own’ option
  • Up to 4 separate accessory placement options–via simple strap adjustment followed by snapping device on any two existing rain hood buttons — then hang your accessories!
  • Branding for golf events available–win win


What I love about this product is that you have so many color combinations to chose from to achieve the best look with your golf bag. It is durable by look and feel. I have no doubt that this will last through any rain or snow golf! In addition you can create any Custom Webbing or Combination of Solid Colors with your choice of Button Color. Buttons come in Black, Matte Black, Red, White, Grey, Blue, Burgundy , or Green plus  2 Carabiners and Standard Belt Attachment which is perfect for a Frogger Ball Towel. Belt attachment has a triangle loop and carabiner for easy storage on your hanger when not in use. My golf bag just loves its new addition and utilization of the rain hood snaps I currently don’t use. It is a match made in heaven! Here is a little piece to get you ready for my take of performance:

Snap Hookz Crop out


When I first heard about Snap-Hookz, I was very curious as to how it could make my life on the course easier. As always, I try not to read up on the product and simply take it for a spin and give it a good test.

First, it was easy to snap on to my bag without any problems at all. I snapped it in various places just to see what it looked like and how it settled in to my bag. Adjusting it was easy as well. I found it obviously works best to be tight on bag and not ‘dipping’ so easy to adjust. I snapped it into place in the rain cover ‘never used’ snaps and got moving out onto the course for a walking round. It was awesome. Everything I needed (glove, rangefinder, insulated water koozie, towel, my tiny accessory bag….it was all right there. I had it on the back side away from my body and it was easy to grab anything.

Then I took it for an 18 hole spin via golf cart and unsnapped and re snapped it so it would face out for easy access during the round. Again, not a problem and I loved that everything was just hanging right there to grab. I also found it to be a nice place to hang my glove to dry after it took a dive into a water hazard. These things happen and my glove was dry and ready to go in no time.

Finally, I took it out via push cart and again, easy to maneuver, adjust and snap into place. It was like having your own personal caddie to assist you with having everything you need right at your fingertips in one place.

There is one additional piece to the Snap-Hookz that I did like as well. The Belt attachment allows you keep your glove and towel (and anything else you may want) with you as you walk to the green and make your birdie putts. I don’t wear a belt much, but I did have a playing partner utilize this feature and he was impressed and liked that he had what he needed right with him and he wouldn’t forget them either heading to the next tee box. How many times have we left a glove and towel at the previous green? My hand is up!

Overall, the performance was spot on and Mr. Derek Queener knocked this one out of the park. (Just wish I would have thought of it first! 🙂 )


Simply put, there are mostly PROS. You can attach just about anything to the Snap-Hookz and being able to customize and order practically any color combination–win win. The only CON that I noticed was that a very small percentage of golf bags (less that 1%) are made without the rain hood snaps. Why, I have no idea, but there are some bags out there–I have one in my storage. Otherwise you are good to go!
Snap Hookz Final Thoughts:

I love the idea Mr. Queener had with the foresight to see what was missing (needed), utilize a part of the golf bag that is already there and making life easier for the golfer. How can you go wrong having everything you need right there in the same place allowing you to speed up play because you aren’t digging around to find what it is you are searching. The Snap-Hookz is a perfect addition to your golf bag and very affordable. Hey, you have so many colors to choose from and mix-and-match, so why not get yourself a loud one or support your Alma mater with team c0lors. Everything will be right where you want it making life on the course a little bit easier. Give them a look:



‘keep smiling and always believe’



Written by BP Staff

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