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If I were to mention FILA to you right now, what would be the first few images to pop into your head?

To me, it was FILA Basketball shoes and clothes with their former poster boy, 90’s great Grant Hill:



Now if I were to tell you that FILA was now creating clothes for golf, what would you say?


 Didn’t see that one coming did you?

 That’s right folks, FILA Golf is here bringing you some fresh looks for the 2014 season, including their new 2014 Auckland Lightweight Jacket.

The 2014 Auckland Lightweight Jacket  is a Waterproof performance jacket (with mesh lamination and detachable hood, mockneck with fleece lining, contrasting color collar, shoulder, side seam and under sleeve panels, technical zipper front, self-adjustable sleeve closure with Velcro, two hip pockets with technical zippers, security pocket, shock cord and drawstring with plastic toggles.”

It ranges in size from XS for 4XL and in a variety of color combinations which are

  • Grey/Orange
  • Black/Salmon
  • Black/Grey
  • Red/Grey



The first test was my girlfriend, what would she think?  Now normally I wear jackets that are lil’ bit too big on me.  I like to have a little bit of breathing room in the shoulders.  My girlfriend loved it this jacket on me cause it fit me well.  It wasn’t too small or too big, it fit on me just right.  So when I hear, “You should wear the red coat” I know I’ve got a keeper.



I will be modeling in the upcoming Golf Digest Fashion Edition

And as my mother would say, “It is a very smart looking jacket.”  Now to be perfect honestly with you, I have no idea what the means.  I don’t understand the fashion world.  But when she saw me for the first time wearing this jacket, it’s what she said.   Normally my Mom says, “Why are you wearing that?”

So guess what FILA Golf, you’ve impressed my girlfriend and my mom, so you’re already off to a good start.



Red Jacket


I put this jacket through the ultimate weather test.  Few range sessions up here in the New England area as well as a few sessions down in South Florida.  I’ll be honest I wasn’t too thrilled with how I felt in the jacket when swinging at certain times.  When it came to putting, wedges and iron shots, I felt fine.  Yet when it came down to my woods and driver, my swing definitely felt constricted.  Like most golfers, I tend to swing the club a lil’ stronger when it comes down to the woods and driver.  I was uncomfortable and didn’t feel I had enough power when swinging.  But me let state that even though  I didn’t get enough power into the ball, it did not stop me from still making a decent shot.  So I lost a couple yards off a drive, big whoop.



Everyone has their own opinion in how clothes feel on them, whether it’s too big or too small, we’re all different in that regard.    However, when it comes to keeping someone warm and dry, people are pretty much on the same page.

So I made my own chart of when I wore the jacket at different temperatures/precipitations:

Location Temperature Precipitation Comfortable? Notes
Stamford, CT 35-40 Degrees Snow Yes Still needed a sweater underneath it.
Boca Raton, FL 70 – 75 Degrees None (WIND) Yes Heavier wind gusts, made it colder.
Boca Raton, FL 55-60 Degrees (At Night) None Yes Perfect for a night out in Florida
Dover Plains, NY 45-50 Degrees None Yes Still needed a sweatershirt underneath it.
Stamford, CT 50-60 Degrees Rain Stayed dry, little cold.
Stamford, CT 55-60 Degrees (At Night) None Yes Great, until winds picked up.


Being in the Northeast, I need a jacket that’s going to keep me comfort at all times of the year.  This year in general, our weather has been so outrageous; 70 degrees one day, thirty the next.  So having this jacket handy has been great.

If you’re going to purchase this jacket for more than just golf, it’s a great buy.  If you’re going to purchase this jacket solely for golf, I would really recommend that golfers who have small backswings and softer swing speeds to consider this jacket a part of their attire.

It’s a great looking jacket that will definitely snag you some  Style Points the next time you head down to the clubhouse.


Til’ Next Time…




Written by BP Staff

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