BREAKING NEWS: Tiger Woods to “Temporarily Retire “This is It.”

Tiger Woods has just announced that this will be his very last Masters tournament and will be temporarily retiring from the game:

I have come to a point in my life, where before each tournament I have to start weighing the pros and cons; Should I be playing?  Based on the recommendations by my doctors and trainers as well as conversations I have had with my family, I’ve to the conclusion that this will be my last Masters and Major on the PGA Tour.

Many thought his upcoming announcement would be whether or not he would play next week at all.  There has been alot of speculation being voiced through the social media outlets.  Alot of fans were surprised by the lack of commercials and promotions from his main sponsor, Nike Golf, in recent months.

Soon after his announcement, Nike Golf reached out to the media:

We’re are 100% behind Mr. Woods’ decision.  We’ve discussed with Tiger for years the possibilities of outsourcing his brand to other players on Tour, similar to how we approached the Air Jordan brand.  We are currently working with Tiger to help him prepare with his retirement and his future endeavors with Nike Golf.

Speculation amongst the players on tour have been circulating for months, Woods’ playing partner at the 2013 Barclays championship last year, Kevin Chappell, had this to say earlier this week,

I’m not surprised that Tiger is taking his time making this decision.  After watching him drop to his knees on 16, I was in complete shock.  A man with that physical prowess to just drop down like that, it speaks volumes.  A back injury in this sport can haunt a player for years.  I’m not sure if this was something that he kept privately, but to see him in pain…I was surprised he even started this season as early as he did.

Fellow Nike mate, Rory McIlroy also spoke up as well:

I’ve really got to know Tiger these past few years.  I consider him not only a mentor, but a friend.  The decision he is currently figuring out will have a great impact on the entire field at Augusta.  I’ve heard several rumors already, but I decline to comment on anything until I hear it directly from Tiger himself.

For Tiger to come out and admit that this is his final show will be have lasting effect on the PGA Tour. AS of right now, deputy commissioner of the PGA Tour,  Jay Monahan, has yet to respond to Tiger’s announcement.

Check back to Bunkers Paradise, as we will continue to cover this shocking development.

On a personal note, this comes to me as a complete shock.  Tiger has been my idol for years.  I refused to stray away from him even after all of his controversies.  He was human like the rest of us and made a mistake.  He owned up to it and paid the price.  It’s upsetting to me knowing that he will never have a run like he did before injuring his knee several years ago.  I grew up watching him, going to the range and wanting to be exactly like him.

I honestly hope, he pulls a Michael Jordan and will come back in a year or two, if he is medically cleared to do so.

With that being said the PGA TOUR, will have one big shoe to fill once the Masters is over.





Written by BP Staff

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