Looper’s Lost 5: WRESTLEMANIA Edition



Well folks, April is finally upon us. And there is nothing more I look forward for to than the beginning of April.  Here’s are my two reasons why:

1. The Masters

2. WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!!!

Nothing lights a fire under my ass quite like a 1-1 combo of Wrestlemania 30 on April 6 followed by the start of the Masters Tournament on April 7.  That’s right brothers, the Looper happens to be a big WWE fan.  Call me what you will, but with the WWE in your own backyard, ( I do live in the same town as the WWE Headquarters: Stamford, CT) it’s hard not to be involved in some sort of way.

 So for this Looper’s Lost 5, I decided to combine the PGA Tour/WWE together.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages,  the Looper’s Lost 5 proudly brings to you:

Looper’s Lost 5: PGA Tour /WWE Stars


1. Edge and Tiger Woods



Edge has the most championships in WWE with 31.  Although Tiger Woods is second to Sam Snead for the most PGA Tour wins, it shouldn’t take long for Tiger to become #1 in that category.  They are both a loved/hated by many, yet still at the end of the day they somehow come out on top.  Here’s a couple fun comparisons about them as well:

  • Edge retired because of back/neck issues…Tiger is following a similar path
  • Their favorite attire consists of red and black.
  • Edge destroyed another couple’s private relationship and we all know what Tiger has done…


yup…I went there…


2. Hulk Hogan and Arnold Palmer



Well I can’t say that Arnold Palmer can ever deliver a rousing promo like the Hulkster can, but one thing remains certain:  whether you’re as young as 9 or as old as 90, you definitely know who the both of these men are.  Legends of the game that will always have a special place in everyone’s heart.  When you speak of golf, and when you speak of wrestling, hell, when you speak of America, they will be the first two you think of no matter what.  You will always consider yourself part of Arnie’s Army and a Hulkamaniac.  Man, how awesome would it have been if Arnold pulled something like this before a round (Fast forward to 41 Seconds in):


3. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Tom Watson



Let me tell you something about Ricky Steamboat.  When it was announced that he was going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, he made a return to the ring and shocked the wrestling world.  Now I don’t know if you remember his matches with Chris Jericho back in 2009, you’d forget that the man had actually retired from wrestling 15 years earlier.  With the crowd chanting “YOU STILL GO IT!”, Steamboat once again amazed us all.  That’s what I think of everytime I see Tom Watson playing in a Tour event.  Just like Steamboat, he will always have the ability to duke it out with guys his own age, but to show up the young guns on tour, that’s something special.  His 2009 performance at the Open Championship, you know we were all thinking the same thing…”HE STILL GOT IT!”


4. Bruno Sammartino and Ben Hogan




Bruno and Hogan, two men that have paved the path for many legends to walk down.  Dominating figures in their sports for years.  Feared by many but loved by all.


5. D-Generation X  and The Golf Boys




Triple H/Bubba Watson – The leaders of their group.  Both men are established outside their gangs; Triple H has over 20 various championship titles in his resume, Bubba has a total of 5 PGA Tour wins including 1 green jacket.  Both can be reckless and professional when they have too; Triple H like to drive tanks into buildings and is also COO of the WWE, meanwhile Bubba likes to drives Hovercarts across fairways and but always keeps his top button buttoned.

Shawn Michaels (HBK)/Rickie Fowler: First things first:  The ladies love the both of them.  Both are extremely outgoing and are never afraid to show it.  Their eccentric personalities make them fan favorites.  While Shawn Michaels might have more titles, he’d be proud of the way Rickie is cleaning up with the ladies.

Billy Gunn/Hunter Mahan:  What might surprise you about these two guys is like Triple H and Bubba Watson, both had have successful individual careers.  They might not be as eventful, but don’t turn your back on these two.  They don’t need to be associated with a gang to tell you that they can kick ass.

Road Dogg/Ben Crane:  They are a perfect match because, they are jokers of the group.  And I don’t mean that they are laughed at, but they are the ones who like to add a comedic twist to their groups.  I do think before Ben Crane starts off a round, he should give himself a proper introduction like the D-O-Double G does:


Honorable Mentions:

*Stone Cold Steve Austin/John Daly*-I mean…isn’t it obvious?

*Randy Orton/Keegan Bradley* – Quiet but deadly

*John Cena/Dustin Johnson* – Team Strong

*The Rock/Jack Nicklaus*– The Bull and the Bear



And that’s the bottom line cause…

WOOOOOOOOOO to be the Looper you gotta beat the….

Cause I’m the best there is, the best there was….






Written by BP Staff


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