Odyssey Golf Metal-X Milled Putter: Quick Look Preview

Odyssey has long been one of the most trusted putters in everyone’s bag, from Tour Players to Amateurs. The first of the insert putters came in 1991 but really took off with the introduction of the Dual Force putters in 1994. Since that time the Odyssey line of putters has had many innovations from inserts to alignment aids. During 2012 Odyssey introduced the Metal-X Putter line. The face was different than most anything on the market and the technology (to be discussed later) was game changing for some. Now we come to the latest incarnation of the Metal-X line with some premium editions.

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For those that don’t know, what makes the Metal-X face unique is their version of Roll Technology. From Callaway’s website they state that the oval depressions in the face maximize the mechanical lock with the golf dimples which creates fiction helping a more controlled and consistent roll. For anyone that’s rolled these putters or touched the face, there definitely is something unique to the face of the Metal X putters.

What makes them different is they’re a combination of 3 of Callaway’s putters. The 3 main components are the precision mill process of the Prototype, the face of the Metal-X and adjustable weight of the Prototype IX. Milled out of a piece of carbon steel the Metal-X milled has 3 sets of customizable weights (10g, 15g and 20g) which provide a lot of different combinations you can try to find the right setting for you.

There are six different head styles ranging from the ultra popular #7 style to the ever reliable Rossie Putter. Check out this from Odyssey Golf to see all the styles available.

The video below also is a great source of information straight from the company themselves.

Final Thoughts:

As these are a limited run you may want to run out as quick as you can and try these. As a former Metal X user I’m going to be really on the lookout to try one of these soon. My only issue with the previous was the head weight and seeing as there is a non evasive way to add weight, color me intrigued! These are available now but you should run out soon as they are considered a limited run. Check out the Bunkers Paradise forum for more thoughts on these as our forum members try them out! Till Next Time!

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