Adams XTD TI Hybrid Quick Look Review: Controllable Performance

Hybrid clubs are out there in full force trying to lobby for your attention and get you to put them in your bag. One can be overwhelmed with all the options in the marketplace.

But when it really comes down to making a decision, you want to have a Hybrid in your can trust and that gives you the undisputed confidence to position your shot perfectly or take down the pin. Adams continues to work hard and take the hybrid club to a new level. They are the #1 Hybrid on tour so without question they are doing lots of things right. It looks like they have a winner with their new Adams XTD TI Hybrid and will be continuing to lead the way for some time to come.

From Adams

In the world of product R&D, the XTD stands for eXtra Time and Dollars. Our engineers spend extra time to create the very best products we can possibly make without regard for extra costs. The XTD product line is made from the best performing materials, utilize the most technology available regardless of costs, and are subject to the tightest manufacturing processes. In short, these are the bet clubs we’ve ever made.

We’ve consistently led the way in hybrid innovation and these have taken it to an entirely new level. We made sure XTD included every element to give golfers all they need when facing a long approach or looking to advance the ball toward the hole. — Justin Honea, Sr. Dir. of R&D


Being the leader in hybrid technology comes with challenges: How to make the best even better? The combination of titanium brazing with their patented Cut-Thru Slot technology results in a clubface so fast, they actually had to slow it down. Refined slots and repositioning the center of gravity makes the XTD TI Hybrid stand out as one of the best.

Adams XTD TI Hybrid Face

XTD flaunts an optimally-low CG, making it extremely easy to get the ball airborne for more consistent and controllable performance therefore, increasing the confidence from the players standpoint.

  • New Cut-Thru Slots™ and ti brazing made the clubface so fast they needed to slow it down
  • Features progressive face thickness – a first in hybrid design
  • Up to 29% more speed on off-center hits compared to SUPER LS*
  • FastFit Adjustability System – featuring a lighter, more durable sleeve, screw that inserts directly into clubhead.



Loft      Lie  Length     SW    Hand     Flex
XTD Ti 16°         59°     41″      D2.0        R      X S R
XTD Ti 18°         59.5°     40.5″      D2.0        L R      X S R
XTD Ti 20°         60°     40″      D2.0        L R      X S R
XTD Ti 23°         60.5°     39.5″      D2.0        R      X S R
XTD Ti 26°         61°     39″      D2.0        R      X S R

Matrix Ozik Red Tie HQ3 (X, S, R-Flexes)

Grip: Iomic Black Armor Sticky Evolution 2.3

Adams XTD TI Hybrid from above

Recommended For

The Adams XTD TI Hybrid is recommended for golfers of all levels and those that are looking to have more consistency and control either from the fairway to the green, the tee box or simply to set up the next shot.

Final Thoughts

Adams again comes to the golfer’s rescue with a technologically advanced hybrid that will help you achieve the goals you seek. You now can use the Adams XTD XI Hybrid to assist you in knocking down the pins from the fairway and allowing you to position yourself for that next shot to take the weekend nassau.

Give it a good look and let us know at Bunkers Paradise your thoughts. We love to hear from each of you in our community.






Written by BP Staff

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